Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's almost lunch time and I am a bit bored, so I thought I would write a post.I finally have a ring finished. My first made in my new space, Purple Jade. I love the colour of this stone. It's a nice n simple piece.

Here is my little apprentice....

I got to spend about an hour at the bench this morning, while my little miss played around near me and in the backyard.

This Sunday, we are going to check out where some markets are apparently on every 2nd Sunday. It's only $10 for a stall there and you don't have to book and it's only from 7am till 11am. I wanted to check it out, as I am thinking if it looks any good, I might sell stuff there. It's only about 5 mins drive away from my place, so it's the perfect spot to try.

I only have 1 month left at the Incube8r store with my jewellery. I didn't make enough to justify keeping my work there. I am going to have to relist it all on Etsy or figure something else out....

I had fun yesterday playing with a photo editing program making my own Etsy Banner.I took some macro's of plants and of the only decent finished piece of jewellery I have still with is what I came up with....
When I have made new jewellery, I will probably change it up again...I like change, I think it keeps things interesting.

There was nothing wrong with the banner set I purchased off Etsy, but it just was boring and a bit lame and it didn't really represent my store properly. Now I just have to get to work on making some nice business cards!
My daughter just had a tanty (tantrum) on the floor, for no apparent reason and I just caught her munching on little dog biscuits!!! YUCKO!!!! (well she obviously didn't think so).

I have a pendant and chains in the tumbler right now, so hopefully tomorrow I will have more finished work.

Okie Dokie all, have a fabulous time whatever you are doing!!


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Oh I love the purple Jade pretty. And the banners you made are great! I agree...changing things up every now and then keeps things interesting!

gallerydarrow said...

I love your sweet ring and adorable helper :)

It must feel good to be able to work again.

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Cassandra, Thanks Rochelle. Yes it's nice to be able to do a little bit of work again, just wish I had more time....but don't we all?!