I remember as a young girl admiring my mothers collection of jewellery. It was made up of mostly gold and precious gemstones, but there has always been one particular piece that I have never forgotten.

An old friend of my mothers came to visit from England and brought her a gift of a ring. It was made from a thick textured chunky piece of silver, with a little triangle of aquamarine set high up on the band. I loved that ring. And seeing as my mother didn't wear silver, she let me wear it on occasion. It was chunky and it was unique. And still to this day I like to wear (and now create) pieces just like it.

I began my self taught journey into metalsmithing 4 years ago, when my first child was just over a year old. And I have never looked back. I love that I can now myself make from scratch, unique and one of a kind pieces of jewellery.

There have been many 'hobbies', but none of them have stuck with me quite like metalsmithing. And now I have a 4 month old beautiful baby girl as well as my 5 year old daughter, but I still manage to steal away bits of precious time at my bench. It is my sanctuary. My sanity. And creating with my own two hands brings me such a rush of 'happy' and contentment. I hope this shines through my work.

Thank you beautiful people for choosing a piece from Little Cherry Hill and helping to keep my 'happy' alive ♥