Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of Cabochons.

Now wouldn't that be awesome!!


Well it is cloudy today and it smells like rain. The weather has been a bit like that for the past few days. I love it. But it's frustrating for the hubby who has to try and work in it. I haven't been getting to the bench as much as I'd like this week. 

The flu dropped by (to visit me only) and has almost left :)
I got a couple of parcels of cabochons this morning:

And I have about the same amount coming soon :) 
I'll probably buy more again this week. Going through the cabochon buy up phase...you know what it's like!

I went to the Gem show on Saturday and dragged hubby along. It was pretty much pathetic. Thank goodness we didn't have to pay to get in, would have asked for our money back - it was that bad.

But on the flip side, I had met someone who is going to fix some labradorite cabochons for me. Though I haven't heard from him yet, so I'm getting a bit antsy about it. I left him with 3 gorgeous ones that cost me over $100, so you can see why I'm a bit antsy. Anyway when I got them, they weren't completely flat on the bottoms and I didn't want to try and set them like that, so I needed them ground down a bit. Here's hoping I don't have to ring him........

Below is a picture Summer drew of me :) - I've never seen her draw anything before - though I've tried a million times to encourage her to draw.

and here is another smiley face she did this morning. I'm so proud! lol as I type this she is reading it out aloud.

I'm working on a custom order and a present for a friend who has just had her baby girl. I had no idea what kind of gift to give her, then I figured I would make her some thing, I prefer to hand make things as gifts whenever I can. But I didn't fancy sewing this time, so metal was the next best thing!

And I have made a little fern pendant to put in the shop, it's in the tumbler now :)

The wind has died down and the sun has come out. Wish the weather would make up it's mind! :)

Em ♥

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Been a while....

I've just come home from the Kindy run and I thought I should probably blog before I get on with other things. 

I'm not feeling that great at the moment....the back/top part of my throat seems to be a bit sore and I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come......as this weekend there is a Gem Show on and I am hoping to have a look see. Though I did just purchase a few lovlies off Etsy this past week.....they take a while to get to me. I like instant gratification when I can get it. So I might just find something at this show....but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Not a whole lot going on here.
I have been slowly making a few new things for my etsy shop. 
Though I am struggling with one particular piece that I thought I had finished (tumbled for 4 hours and oxidized) and when I went to polish it up, one of the little balls came off.....and I've tried 2 times since to solder it back on with no luck.
I'm finding it quite frustrating to be honest. So I will try and have another go, after that, I might just give up on it :(

I've been having fun designing with Filigree wire lately too.
And I just received in the mail, half of my Etching set up (this little guy came inside on my parcel).

Also I got a set of carving tools, for wax carving, just need to order some blocks of wax. And I'm loving that silver has come down under $30 again as I think it's time to stock up again.

A friend of mine has just had her 2nd child this week and so I am working on a little initial pebble pendant set for her as a gift. One thing I've noticed about having a baby is that, everyone buys things only for the baby, but forgets the poor woman giving birth. So my gift is more for her, but still sort of for the baby...if you know what I mean?

Here's a few of my latest pieces:

 Boulder Opal Ring.

 Mookaite Ring.

 Petal Hoop Earrings.

 PMC Owl Pendant.




So I have been a little busy lately, but not as much as I'd like. But it has only been myself getting in the way, so I've only myself to blame for that!

Tomorrow Summer is having her Kindy Class photo taken. I am looking forward to having that. Last week she lost her fave little teddy kinda thing, that I bought for her when I found out I was having a girl. She has had it every night since she was born and it's gone.  
I was sooo sad. 
I wanted to have it for her in her special box of baby things, but it's seems like that will never be :(

Well it's been a long post and I'm starting to feel a little worse for wear than when I started this. I really ought to make an appointment for a hair cut too, but I don't want to go if I'm going to be sick. Sigh.....

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting things done :)

Yay! I have 3 days to myself this week!

This is Summers first 3 day week at Kindy. 
She loves it and I'm so happy for her. The teachers there are awesome. And some of the mums I have met are really nice too. This Friday night is Mother's night at Kindy, apparently there are going to be activity stations set up, where you and your child can make/do things together. So I have signed up, just hope I am well enough to go in the end (haven't been feeling very well lately).

I have a few things on the bench to LOS this morning:

And a couple of other things I have only half made. I was considering sending in my scraps this week, but after the drop in silver prices, I have decided to hold onto them for the time being. 

I'm hoping to buy some nice new stones this week. Though one problem I have is to choose which ones I really want....I have sooo many faved in my etsy list haha and by the time I decide I want them, they're sold :(

Below are some of my recent purchases from Geninne. I love her prints. I love her fabric and her stationery too. Her prints fit perfectly into the Ikea frames :)

Well I should probably get on with things, as I've only a few hours left before I have to pick up Summer. The weather is cooling down a little during the day time now and I'm loving it!

Hope you are having a great week 
Em ♥