Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving On.

It's really cold today and I am wearing fingerless gloves and will end up in slippers soon. I'm loving it.

Good news....

We are moving! The house we had applied for, we were approved for yesterday!! And wow do things happen for a reason or what??? Cuz the house we are currently in, is going up for sale! So really, things couldn't have worked out better!! Makes sense now, why we weren't given a new lease to sign. Though I am rather cross with our rental agent, as they didn't even tell us. But all's well that ends well eh?!!

So over the next week I have tonnes of packing to do, and hubby has already organised the electrics, phone, internet, pay tv to be hooked up over there once we've moved in. So we will only have a little bit of downtime without the internet, but that will give me time to get the house in order.

My folks and hubbies folks will be helping us with the move/clean up and I will have to try n get the house on the other end cleaned up before we move in as it's been vacant for over a month and needs a vacuum/dust down.

Well I am off to get my little girl and I some lunch, once a week we have a takeout together, she absolutely loves it! Don't we all :P

Take care till next time :)

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