Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Hobbies Die Hard.....

I want to sew again. I don't have a whole lot of time to do jewellery, let alone sewing...but I am sure I will fit it in somewhere.

I have possibly thousands of dollars worth of material and a whole load of boutique patterns and I just bought more material last night.
I am only going to be making small things for now, I'd like to make a handbag or a market bag and the material I just purchased is to make Summer some nice twirl skirts.

Summer and I went to the park this morning and she had fun on the swings for ages and then we went for a little walk along the path by the seaside. It was super windy, but it was nice still.

Now we are going to go out and get our weekly lunch treat together....

Here are a couple of pictures of my latest work:

A nice lapis ring and a jasper pendant.

I finally have reopened my Etsy store. I am going to slowly work on new pieces to put in there and in another months time, I will have my old work back and I will be able to relist on Etsy.

We went on Sunday morning to see if those markets were on...but they weren't. Then the other night whilst out for fish and chips, I spotted a sign saying that the markets will be on this coming Sunday. So I am looking forward to that! There are some Arts n Crafts markets on about 15 minutes drive away from where we live, on Sunday morning too. So I am going to go there as well to scope it out. I really need to get selling some of my pieces so I can invest in more know how it goes.

Anywho...that's all there is to write about for now. Will probably do a post again, once I have been to those Markets on Sunday morning :)


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

I love the lapis ring and I can't wait to see your sewing creations!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry. I used to sew a lot and loved buying new fabrics...have fun.

Gemheaven said...

Beautiful work as always Emma ♥

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