Friday, May 28, 2010

What's been happening????

well lol...not a lot has been happening actually.

I think I'm officially in limbo :(

Still looking for somewhere to move to. We only have 3 weeks left on our lease here and we are still waiting on the lease papers...our Agents suck, so they will get around to it when they can be bothered and will probably back date it anyways. There are a million rentals to choose from at the moment, especially in a certain price bracket. I have been watching the rental market for a couple of months now and many are being reduced again and again, cuz no one is taking them.

There are 2 places in particular that have grabbed our attention. We hope to look them over the weekend if we can get keys, but the sad part is, they are available now. Which is too soon. I am starting to fall for one in particular and am worried that my heart will get attached and then it will go to someone else. I hate that about house hunting. You want the place to grab at you, then you know you will be happy living there, but if you miss out, it's sooo disappointing!

On a diff note, I have placed my first order with and I should hopefully have that next week. And I made an order with my usual supplier yesterday and for once they had everything in stock! W O W!!!! So for now I am stocked up, but have no creative juices flowing. My mind is just too absorbed on this whole moving thing. So much so, I only slept 4 hours last night, cuz I woke up just after 4am and was thinking about it and couldn't shut my mind down.

Good news! I sold a piece from my Incube8r cube! It was a plain piece, but it had a beautiful Labradorite stone. It took 2 weeks, but it covered my rent for 3 weeks! I can only hope that I will start to sell more and make an actual profit. I def still wanna do my Etsy shop too though!

Well that's it folks. The dog is licking my foot......I love that too much information maybe?????


Kim said...

Haha, aw, sweet doggie! And congratulations on the sale - that's wonderful! And here your expectations were low... maybe they've already been surpassed?! :D Hopefully the sale makes a little down time easier while you deal w/ the move. It's understandable you'd be wound up about it & it doesn't sound like the agents are much help at all! I hope you're enjoying your night & are able to get some rest at least after your evening cuppa! :)

gallerydarrow said...

It's an awful feeling being in limbo not knowing where you're going to be. You have to be grounded in order to work. I feel for you.
Congrats on your sale.

xo, Rochelle

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Ladies! Still struggling to make anything as things are still hanging in the air with the moving side of things. But I get a snatch of time at the bench here and there!

littlecherryhill said...
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