Friday, May 7, 2010

I Need slippers......stat!

Over the last few nights it's seemed to cool down a lot. Finally. Though during the day time it's still kinda warm....for me anyways. Right now my feet are cold and as we have tiled flooring under the computer desk, it makes for colder feet :(

Today my little sweetie pie turned 2. I've merely blinked and those 2 years have passed. And today I made my big fingerprint pmc thingy of her finger, it's a really big heart with a cz and I might try and inscribe her name on it if I'm game...I possibly have made it too big, but I am going to go ahead and try and make it work anyway, only this time I will take more care to finish it off and then will tumble it when it's done.

I tumbled the other pmc charms I made and they turned out lots better, so I am not scared off trying more pmc...for now.

I also got some Art Clay Copper to play with. It's really hard to find time to do anything now though. Summer is more and more demanding of my time and it means I cannot go to the bench and create. Though I did get a little over an hour out there yesterday afternoon and I have almost finished 1 piece and got to finish off another that was laying round on the bench for a while.

I have some exciting news in regards my jewellery, but I won't share it just yet. I will wait till Wednesday to share :P

I have found a house to look at....I called to get a viewing and they said maybe next week sometime, so I hope that happens and I can either go for it or move on. I have to start getting a hold of moving boxes too. I am going to throw a lot out and give a lot away to charity shops. We have accumulated way too much stuff and we don't need to take it all with us. I am so excited to move...I get itchy 'need something new' feet every few years.

Anyway it's that time of night when I need to make myself a hot cuppa or rather a thermo full of tea (I likes it verrrry hot).

Take care guys :)


Kim said...

Aw, I really didn't mean to miss it, but Happy Belated Birthday, Summer!! Still puzzled by what happened w/ the PMC3, but I'm so glad tumbling has done the trick & you're feeling less apprehensive. Enjoy watching those 'to get rid of' piles grow - hopefully soon your cold & itchy feet will be cured! And I'm hereby lodging an official 'you're holding out on us' complaint about your jewelry news... I wanna know! :D I'm presently annoyed w/ FB - I put your fan page in a little list of pages I want to keep track of, but it keeps disappearing almost as soon as I add it. Stupid FB. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Halle Jay said...

OH NO.....they looked so good in the first pics.
How did the tumbling turn out. I use my hand piece to polish my pieces up and then tumble them and then go back to my hand piece and do a final polish.
I'm in the process of ordering my PMC but haven't decided how much to purchase yet.
Might go with the small packs to start off with, but I dunno!!!!
With 3 kids I'm hoping this is enough :0/

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Kim! Yes I am happy with working with pmc again...for now...I just was in too much of a hurry when I made those charms and I didn't take my time finishing them off. That'll learn me! But now I know what I am doing a bit more, it shouldn't happen again anytime soon...I hope! I see you are getting into pmc a lot more now too :) It's just so much fun. x

Vicki - they turned out great after I tumbled them, so I was happy again :) I am going to tumble them after I fire them from now on as it does such a wonderful job. I can't believe how shiny they turn out! I did the small packs at first too, then this time round I went with a 50g pack. Guess it depends on how you'll use it too eh? Look forward to seeing what you make with it! :)