Saturday, May 1, 2010

PMC3 What Fun!

I have used pretty much all the PMC3 that I bought last week, about 3 packs of 7gms. And I plan on purchasing more next week, as my daughter turns 2 on Friday, so I hope to make a fingerprint impression charm for myself. Then one day I can pass it on to her. I adore keepsake stuff.

I have hardly touched any other form of silver though :( But again, I do have more cabochons coming :)

Today we spent most of the day driving around different suburbs to look at houses to lease. Still in the same situation (haven't decided where we'd like to go) it's still, nice house, crap area. Or not a good enough house for the money, but great area. Or they have a dog next door that won't stop barking and so on and so forth. We don't have all that long till our lease comes up for renewal here, but I am desperate for a change, I want to meet new people and have a fresh start and I can't wait till we have a good backyard for Summer to play in. Time will tell.

I still want to make jewellery, but right now it's hard to find the time. I guess that's why I love PMC so much. I am an instant gratification kinda person, when I want to make something, I want to be able to make it as soon as possible. And PMC doesn't take a whole lot of time for small projects and it's easy to use and finish up nicely, unlike regular silver, which takes a whole lot more work/effort/time. I definitely would like to incorporate PMC and sterling/cabochons together as I think you could make some very original, unusual pieces.

Anywho, here are some charms I made for myself on Friday using all of my pmc up. They're kinda rough, but it was fun and I learned new things.

Well that's all I have to share for the weekend. I have to have that cuppa now to wind down after a long day of driving here and there.



Kim said...

Hey Emma! At least you can count on the PMC to be at the supplier, huh?! Just read your last post - how frustrating. >:|
I LOVE the idea of Summer's fingerprint & offering custom ones from your shop for people near to you! Have to say the quickness of making things w/ PMC appeals to me too. And the rough look is natural to it vs. something you have to work to attain like w/ metal. I just used the rest of mine too, on a big bat & I cringed doing it! I hope the house-hunting starts getting easier for you... Also, thanks for reminding me about shepherd's pie, Chris & I make a vegan version, but haven't in such a long time & it's just so yummy! :D Hope you have a great night!

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Kim! I can't wait till Friday so I can do Summer's fingerprint charm!! And yes, it's easy to get your hands on all the supplies for PMC compared to stinky sterling.

House hunting is looking on the up....again lol...going to go and check one out tomorrow, fingers crossed it's a good'un. Hope you are having a great morning thus far :)xx