Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stupid PMC3.....

well only kinda.....see, I'm having a problemo with the charms I made..already :(

You saw in my last post how they turned out?? I was pretty pleased with the result.

Well this is how they look now.....

yeah....not so pretty anymore... :(


big (typical) sigh

I have no idea what's gone wrong/what I have done wrong. I allowed charms to dry overnight. Fired them with my torch for 2 mins once they got the 'glow' and then allowed them to air dry. Then polished them up using super fine steel wool. So on paper, it would seem as though I have followed everything correctly. I have posted in a forum for some help, so hopefully I can get some answers soon.

And I already have a new lot of pmc stuff ordered and I am kinda worried that I will ruin it...spesh since I want to make a fingerprint charm of my daughter on Friday her birthday. I have also ordered some ArtClay Copper to try out as I have read you can torch fire that too. I have tried to get some info about pmc classes in my area, but can't seem to get any replies, which is disappointing to say the least.

But I am considering doing a longer silver smithing course .... maybe.... it's a lotta moolah and can't really be splashing the cash just now.....(she says after she has just spent on pmc)!!

Oh well....I know it will get sorted eventually...it's just got me a bit deflated now. I really want to make some normal silver jewelry too, but just seem to have lost my mojo. I think the whole house hunting really has me consumed right now, knowing there is so much to be done etc.

Hope everyone is having a more productive week than I.



Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Hmm...I wish I had something to tell you about why that happened...but I have never worked with PMC before! I am interested to learn the process as YOU learn! Good luck!

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

kinda looks like they are oxidizing, huh? wish I knew how to help Emma. It's hard to feel creative when your home life isn't settled. I'm sure once you guys find a place you'll start feeling better. That, and it's hard to play with fire with a little one around. Keep us posted on the PMC, one of these days I may get around to playing with it!

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Cassandra - I have been posting in a forum at Cooksongold and there are quite a few peeps there that are offering me some advice...wish I could get my hands on some real lessons though :(

Amy - yes it does seem like they are oxidizing, but fine silver is sposed to be less likely to do that...at least that fast anyways...I just want to find somewhere to move to and just get on with it. It really is hindering my creative side. And yeah with no one to watch my little one for me, but me, means I have no time to make anything :( You should try pmc...even if it's just a little bit..it's so much fun.

Kim said...

Oh geez, I really wish I knew what's going there! Since I haven't encountered that yet & I use a kiln, the only thing I can think of is that somehow the torch-firing is making the difference. I've had a handful of pieces that I fired about a week ago laying around & they've stayed the same as they started. This is an absolute puzzle... good job! :D I really wish I could offer you help & I'm hoping that by now you've been able to get some answers that make sense from the forums. It is disappointing & I'm also certain the house-hunting isn't helping matters - always so stressful! Sending you big hugs, Emma, and if I find anything out I will definitely let you know. <3

Anonymous said...

Fine Silver supposedly oxidises less than Sterling, but the problem with metal clay is that the final surface is quite porous (compared to sheet silver) - imagine miscroscopic hills and valleys if you will. Dirt collects in those valleys far too easily, making your jwellery appear tarnished quite quickly. The only solution to make the surface less porous is to burnish it.