Monday, April 26, 2010

Fed up.

This will be a negative post. I don't have anything positive to write about....

I am as sick as a dog today. Allergies again. Only this time I don't fancy taking any antihistamines. So I am going to have to suffer it. I ordered silver supplies last Wednesday. I didn't hear from the supplier until this afternoon....only for them to tell me that the bezel/gallery wires I have ordered aren't available (what a surprise) and won't be available for another month. Well I am done with ordering from them then. I will stick with them only for silver sheet (until they can't supply me with that either).

Seriously, how hard would it have been to tell me that almost 1 week ago when I placed the order?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh.....on a small positive note, I have put in an order for some PMC clay & some sheet. I am going to do a fingerprint charm of my daughter. If it works out well enough, I will offer them in my store, obviously it would only be available for people who live near me. But I know many who have had babies recently, so you never know.

I must have sneezed over 100 times today and I am over it. At least I can do my grocery shopping online, so that's one boring/painful task dealt with.

I was featured in LuxeCoop's Treasury East today :)

Treasury East

And I also made my own! And have included some friends work here too :)

My Treasury East

Well that is all I can handle for now...going to go and eat my left overs from dinner last night....shephards pie! Yum!


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

I would be pissed about them waiting a week to tell me they were out of something too! But congratulations on being in LuxeCoop's Treasury East!! Oh, I hope you feel better soon!

Halle Jay said...


I've had exactly the same problem...have you tried another company?

I may be able to help if you like....not sure what gallery strip you are after, but I do have another company that's been pretty good and they have a few offices in Aus.

You can email me if you like

Good luck with the allergies!! I have a 13yo that has shocking hayfever.


littlecherryhill said...

Hi Cassandra, feeling much better now thank you!!

Vicki - are you in Melb? as another lady offered to buy me what I was after from the supplier she goes to in Melb and she said they didn't know what scalloped bezel wire and silver beaded wire was. Dunno if that's the same place you go to?

Halle Jay said...

If you send me an email I can give you the info.
I have their catalogue in front of me and they have quite a large range. Prices & sizes are stated as well.
I can copy it and email it to you if you like.