Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taking It Slowly.

in the jewelry making department anyway. Since putting my things up for sale in my mum's antique store, I feel like I can relax a bit. I want to take my time with the next few pieces I make and try a few new things out. I have a couple of ideas whirring around and I have sketched one of them out.

I am thinking of giving Etsy a go (when I have a bit of a collection made), tho there is so much competition on there it isn't going to be easy. I am buying up a heap of new cabochons on Ebay this week. I am getting some from Hong Kong again. There really isn't anywhere to buy any from in Australia. I have searched many different avenues and not really had much luck. At least with our dollar being so good at the moment, I can afford to get them from other countries.

I haven't had a very good day today. So I am sitting at the computer watching a dvd on my laptop and playing on the internet, with a nice hot cup of tea to sip. Wish I had some biscuits.....but I'm s'posed to be dieting now :(


Phantasteria said...

Emmma - I started on Etsy just to put my things somewhere where ppl actually had a chance of seeing and buying my stuff (unlike when they are sitting in a drawer)

It's not as if I can make a living from it - far from it - but I get a practize a little while contemplating what to do next. It's extreamely cheap, so I went "why not?"

I can recommend it for those reasons at least :-)

littlecherryhill said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am going to have to at least give it a good shot...hubby has been on my back about it. But will blog about that later. Good luck with your sales on Etsy! :)