Monday, February 15, 2010


I don't really have the right to complain. Life is good. But this humidity makes me Miserable. When you wake up from the comfort of your bed (air con'd) and you walk out your bedroom door and you are met with stinky, sticky hot air, like you've just walked into a oven, it instantly brings the mood down :(

I don't function well in this humidity. My floors need doing, it's too hot to send the little one outside to play. I dare not venture off to play at the bench, I would probably die of dehydration within minutes in there. The air gets soo thick with humidity that I feel I can't breathe.

Tonight rained. Not huge amounts. But a little. It's coming and going. But I still don't fancy going to the bench to make stuff. I wish it would pour and pour and pour. I absolutely love cold, wet weather. I can't wait until Winter. I can see myself now...all snuggly out in the garage making lots of lovely things, having a blast!.....pleeeeeeease be a cold Winter 2010!


KSK said...

Hi Emma! I'm sooo with you on the humidity, it's nasty. I'm a cold weather girl myself too. About to take a walk here in NY & I wish I could send a bit of our cold your way so you could get to working on that beautiful jewelry! Your work is really lovely & is the kind of thing I aspire to. - Kim

littlecherryhill said...

Thank You Kim for your lovely comment! Maybe u can post me some cold via Fed Ex?? lol It's another really stinky hot day again today....I have just turned into a blob.

KSK said...

Haha, they do have refrigerated shipping, huh? I really feel for ya - I start dreading our miserable August humidity 'round about now, which tells you how I obsess over it!

littlecherryhill said...

lol...the weather has taken a turn for the better this evening. I'm feeling happy now :) Enjoy the cold!