Sunday, February 28, 2010


I had no idea what to title this post I just used dots.
Anywhoo, this is one of my fave rings so far. It's really really big and s
oooo pretty. I made it for myself (as you do) and then toyed with the idea of keeping it aside to list when I eventually open my shop. My mum has put dibs on it if I decide to sell it. I just can't make my mind up!! I suck at making decisions. It's a gorgeous pink/red colour coral fossil.

This one is a small Natural Kyanite ring. I am putting this one in my etsy shop too.
I find making small rings a pain in the ass! But it is something I have to get used too as many women over here do like the smaller jewelry, unlike myself of course! The bigger the better I say!!!!!


Eve M Metalsmith said...

i just have to say ALL your stuff in your etsy shop! i know that it's a constant love affair with everything you me...but i've realized that you keep one every once in a while so that you have proof of the progression of your talent, and the rest you put up for sale! you will only get better and better, and you will find that you rarely will wear some of the first pieces you kept because you want to wear the ones that are newer, and better. likewise, later on in time, you won't want to post the old ones you created in your Etsy shop, because you won't feel like they are up to the standards that you carry at that future point in time, so then you are stuck with some old pieces that you don't wear, and you don't want to sell!

is any of this making sense?

just my two cents ;o)

good luck with whatever your decisions are!

Esther Eve

Gemheaven said...

I agree list them all ~ I want to keep so much of what I make but don't because as Eve says its the same each time ~ remember its as exciting if not more to send something you have made to a new owner :) Beautiful work

littlecherryhill said...

Good advice Ladies! You are right. I don't end up wearing them much if I keep them. I should let them go to someone who will wear them and enjoy them. I have decided to let the pink one go to my Mum since she wanted to buy it.