Sunday, April 29, 2012

On my bench...

For once have some things on my bench...but they're all only half made.

Still struggling with a name change (again) lol...I am very attached to the name I have now. Have used it for many years, for sewing and my card making. I've even got labels for my sewing and a heap of different stamps made with my LCH name.

Like I've posted before, I'm not a very decisive person. I end up just confusing myself further :(

Summer had her 3rd and 4th visit to Kindy last week and everything went really well. 
I got quite a lot done on the Thursday morning, but on Friday my hubby was home off work, so I didn't get anything finished. Then the weekend came and I didn't get anything done again :( Plus it poured with rain all day and night on Saturday. Summer has a cough....this morning it seems to be more raspy, so I'm hoping that it means it's clearing up and off her chest, or she might not be able to go this week to kindy.

Hopefully Summer gets to go and I get to finish my work. My shop is being neglected a little.

We had an inspection on Tuesday (the one where the actual owners come once a year) and 2 real estate agents turned up with the 2 owners (older married couple). Talk about intimidation! My hubby and I worked so hard over the weekend, that the house ended up looking in better condition than when we first moved in!!! Of course, no one said anything. But hey, I get to enjoy it looking so good :)

Now we are focused on whether to sign another lease here or not. 
I'm deciding whether to cut a fringe or not - for myself.
And its time to decide on our furniture we have stashed around.

This was a piece we bought for our dining room a while ago:

Apparently from around late 1800's. I absolutely love it. But it needs sooo much work done to it (if you can see the top is splitting/buckling) to restore it and we aren't sure that we will ever get around to it. 

Also several weeks ago, I won a little antique cabinet off ebay and when we got home we noticed the top was all bubbling and puffy and flakes of veneer were coming off (none of this was put in photos or in description).

 I paid a small fortune for this piece too and now we need to pay another small fortune fixing it up. I didn't see the top needed fixing till I got home as the lady's house that we bought it from was soooo dark and my mum carried it out for me and lay it down in the boot, so it was out of view then too. And it took over an hour and a bit to get there! Sigh....wasn't happy at all .... neither was hubs.

So now we've decided to replace a couple of pieces of furniture with new pieces, that don't need to be restored in any way shape or form. Which is hard for me, as I don't really like modern furniture. Plus buying new means paying more - generally anyway. But it beats having half finished pieces around.

That's it for now. I guess I should probably get on with my mopping etc. Oh and there goes the washing machine....need to hang that out too. Not feeling so great yesterday and it makes it really hard to be motivated, but it's got to be done ..... I need a maid ..... or a nanny would be nice ....

Em ♥

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