Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting things done :)

Yay! I have 3 days to myself this week!

This is Summers first 3 day week at Kindy. 
She loves it and I'm so happy for her. The teachers there are awesome. And some of the mums I have met are really nice too. This Friday night is Mother's night at Kindy, apparently there are going to be activity stations set up, where you and your child can make/do things together. So I have signed up, just hope I am well enough to go in the end (haven't been feeling very well lately).

I have a few things on the bench to LOS this morning:

And a couple of other things I have only half made. I was considering sending in my scraps this week, but after the drop in silver prices, I have decided to hold onto them for the time being. 

I'm hoping to buy some nice new stones this week. Though one problem I have is to choose which ones I really want....I have sooo many faved in my etsy list haha and by the time I decide I want them, they're sold :(

Below are some of my recent purchases from Geninne. I love her prints. I love her fabric and her stationery too. Her prints fit perfectly into the Ikea frames :)

Well I should probably get on with things, as I've only a few hours left before I have to pick up Summer. The weather is cooling down a little during the day time now and I'm loving it!

Hope you are having a great week 
Em ♥


Shelby Foxwell said...

Can't wait to see your pieces finished! You've been busy! I agree, hold onto the scrap, I'm so glad to see silver coming down a little but I'm sure it won't stay down long.

Jeanie (Inspired Wish) said...

The print with the bird at the sewing machine is devine! Can't wait to check out your latest pieces! Be well, Kindy on Friday night sounds like fun. Jeanie

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Shelby, I don't mind if it keeps dropping, then I won't have to trade in my scraps :)

Jeanie, I have been longing after that print for ages now. It's just as sweet in real life :)