Sunday, November 6, 2011

Start of the Week

These are some unfinished pieces on my bench from last week...I really really need to get off my backside and get them finished and listed ASAP. 
But I just don't feel like it.
It's a bit muggy already this morning.

I have gotten loads done already this morning of the house work variety.....still have to hang out washing and dust and I really should mop (oh there goes the washing machine...time to stop for a bit and get it hung out...)


Done...yay. And it's only 9:20am, so I have the whole day ahead of me!

I'm already tired haha...

Why do grandparents always insist on buying grandchildren the most noisiest and battery sucking toys?!!!

Last week Summer had a really bad reaction to some Mosquito bites she'd gotten from out in the back yard. They had puffed up so much! When I first noticed the one on the inside of her arm, right above her inner elbow area, I thought she'd dislocated her arm for a few seconds, because it looked so big...but of course she wouldn't have been running around if that was the case! Anyways after several calls to several doctors I got her an appointment. She'd had an allergic reaction to the bites and was given some antibiotic cream. They've returned to 'normal' now thank goodness. If it's not one thing it's I right? Or am I right?!

I've really got to get to finishing those pieces lol....and I desperately need a screen door for my bench area so I can have some breeze without all the wasps/mosquito's and flies etc!

Hopefully soon.
Em ♥


SpiralStone said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces! It's really hot here today too, I'm not looking forward to the middle of summer. I never had a screen door on my shed/studio at our old house and the insects just took over in the summer. I don't have one here either but it's okay at the moment ... the creepy crawlies haven't had time to move in yet! I hope the bugs stay away and Summer's little arm is feeling better now. xx

Gemheaven said...

I suppose thats the lucky thing about the UK we don't get mozzies ~ well not the type that bite you to pieces anyway. Hope Summers bites have gone down now.

Can't wait to see your finished pieces ♥

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Michele, Summers itchy bites are no where near as bad as they were. I wish mosquitoes didn't exist!!

littlecherryhill said...

*mosquito's* rather :P

littlecherryhill said...

Jo you guys have it made over there with no Mosquito's to bite you!!! Sometimes I wish I could come back there to live and that would be one of the bonuses - no mosquito's! Ugh I'm tired of bugs lol.