Monday, November 14, 2011

Muggy Much?

Feels like it was just Summer time only a moment ago and here it is upon us already. And I already hate it lol....but whats new???

I am not overly looking forward to the new year. There is a new law that the government here are supposedly bringing in and it will affect my husbands job. His work situation has already become a bit sketchy of late and I've been pretty stressed about it all. 

Anyways - my daughter is now starting to play with her toys properly and interact with them and I love hearing her!! It brings me back to when I was a little girl, playing with my toys and how I used to use my imagination to have fun. I love my little girl so much it makes my heart ache!
Because of the humid weather we have had, we've been getting more and more ants in our house. Ants are fine...when they're outside...but when I start getting lots of them walking around my kitchen bench and random areas around the house, I start to get pretty annoyed. I spent most of yesterday afternoon spraying them and wiping them up. And just when you think they're gone, a new little trail of them appears. Sigh.

Well here are the latest pieces I finished up last week:

I've already listed them in my shop, which I am usually pretty lazy doing. 

I am still digging my backgrounds. I love seeing my shop all fresh and colourful. I did try my background out with another coloured box, but it just didn't look right, it looks better when it's all the same background, but just alternating the positions and bokeh etc, makes it not look too samey same for every shot. You are right Amy, Turquoise really does work :)

Well it's hot and I don't feel like working at the bench, I desperately need a screen door (which I'm still trying to get the hubs to see to). Way too many flies and mosquito's and wasps get in when I have the doors up, but it's so hot in there really need the breeze (something we get a lot of at this house!!).

Hope you are having a wonderful week thus far 
Em ♥


sundownbeaddesigns said...

I hear you! I'm more of a spring & autumn girl myself!
Your pieces are gorgeous! I especially love the earrings!
I hope you get your screen door!

Amy Nicole said...

:-) I <3 turquoise! Beautiful new pieces Em.

SilverLinesJewelry said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pieces dear :)

Gemheaven said...

Love them all Em ~ do you know the UK is unusually warm at the moment for November at still being 15c!!! I do think we need some cold weather though ~ way to many bugs (as in colds and flu's) around.

gallerydarrow said...

Lovely colorful new pieces Em, I love those turquoise earrings.

We have had a horrible ant problem in the past, now I fill a pump sprayer in the early spring with Bayer ant barrier and spray a band around my house and studio, problem solved. I hate fining ants in my kitchen, well all over my house, crawling out of the electrical sockets.

I hate using poison, I'm an organic gardener but I won't tolerate ants inside...

BUBAart bi┼╝uteria autorska said...

Very very beautiful :)