Monday, October 31, 2011

Working Hard....

I am trying really hard to promote my Etsy store/work.
The last couple of months have been almost dead as far as sales go. Only just this past week I have sold a few things and it's certainly brightened me up!

I want to get my shop with at least 2 pages full by the time I have my Christmas sale, but it's hard to get going (nothing new there!). Just last week Summer had a super bad fever reaching temps that were going to make us head to hospital. Fortunately she got over it after a few days and then hasn't come down with anything since. So we're not really sure what was wrong.......

I am so glad for modern science and remedies.

Summer and I spent the day at my Mothers yesterday. It takes me about 2 hours to drive there and then 2 it's a big day out for us. But it gets us out and I get to spend some much needed time with my mum and Summer gets to play with the parrots and see her gram & pops. It's worth that long ride.

This is my latest piece:

I am still enjoying my new background and look of my shop.

Still wasting time on Pinterest lol....

It's been overcast here for days now....humid and no rain.....well there was a little rain the other evening, actually it looked like it would storm, but it didn't. It's great for my photography!!

Going through some stresses at the moment, but I have to remind myself that we are fed, clothed and have a roof over our heads and we have each other and that is a heck of a lot to be happy about! And I get to have a hobby like this. It's hard sometimes to not get caught up in a bubble of my own trouble. Thinking of Jo  right now .... hope you get better hun ♥

And I hope everyone else is well too!! Sending out much love to you all 

Em ♥


Belinda Saville said...

Em, I really adore the new background in your is so bright and cheerful :-) You've done a great job with your photos...the background doesn't overwhelm your work, it just compliments it beautifully. Really, really stunning!

Good luck with filling your shop before Xmas...I'm jealous, I wish I had the time to do the same! I've given up for the rest of year because my books are full with custom I'm starting fresh in the new year LOL I really do miss making whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.


littlecherryhill said...

Sigh more like I'm jealous B! I have 1 custom order ...... I wish I had books filled till the new year. But everytime I get someone wanting a custom order, they think I'm able to do it for $10. I'll struggle to fill my shop with 2 pages of stuff, but I'm working on it. Thanks for stopping by and for giving me feedback on my shop!! ♥

Gemheaven said...

Thanks for thinking of me sweets ~ I'm getting there with lots of handholding with my friends all over the world ♥ Our indidvidual stresses and strains are every bit important hun ~ just sometimes our own gets way to big lol like mine last week ;0)

Visiting your mum sounds lovely ~ and although a long ride at least its not a plane ride away ~ I'm lucky my Mum lives about 5 mins across town :D

I love your new background ~ Mine is still not right for me or my work and I'm not quite sure what to do ~ sure it will come to me ;)

Anna-Karin Hallström said...

Etys has been dead regarding sales lately but I too got a few this weekend. It doesn't take much to cheer us up, huh? LOL

And about Summer's fever - kids get high fever like that every now and then. Both of mine has. Nothing to worry about if it drops on its own after a few days. :)

And your background is amazing. I love the colours. Makes me long for more colour in my shop too.


littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Jo - I'm glad that there are lots of us who're able to help you get through! Yes you are very lucky that your mum is only 5 mins away....I haven't ever had that! My mum actually was a 3.5hr plane ride away a few years ago!

Anna, its amazing how much a sale can change the mood! Especially if you have more than one lol :) Glad you have been getting some too!! Summers temps only went down because of the medicine we were giving her whenever it went up, then I think on the last night she had it, she sweated it out. So happy it didn't get any higher...I hate hospitals.

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