Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Background & Jewellery

Thanks to those of you who gave me your opinion on my background choices...I finally redid all the photography for my shop and I love my new background. I didn't end up going with what I posted about, but it got me to the choice I eventually made. 

It's cohesive, fresh and bright and I love how my shop looks now :)
As much as I thought the grey was for me, I was tired of it. Yes it helped my silver work stand out, but it was kinda lacking that certain something...

I have been trying really hard not to let the lack of sales get me down and stop me from making new pieces. It's damn hard though. When I make a sale it kinda motivates me to make more jewellery......when those sales completely vanish into thin air....well my desire to create kinda goes with it - as I'm sure is the case for many creators out there.

Now I just figure that, I have the supplies there, so I may as well use them and enjoy myself!! And I am definitely working on stocking up to do my first market someday soonish. I think I have an idea how I want to make my set up and once I have that figured, I will be able to see how much stock I need.

Next is a picture of a ring I just finished up this morning:

Yes I have been incorporating my latest skill with my new work I guess there will be a heap of work with tube set gemstones. I'm also working on my plain bezel settings - I find them the hardest to make look nice as there really is no forgiveness in the edge, not like scalloped or sawtooth or like those fancy bezel can kinda get away with all sorts when you use those settings, but with plain bezel.....well you can't get away with much at all! The reason I want to do more with this bezel type is I think it gives a more finished look to my work, as much as I enjoy using the fancy bezels, I want the stones to stand out more and the embellishments I use around the stones. I'll still use the other wire...but I want to get this wire perfected!

Apparently it's going to start heating up here this week....not happy....not happy at all. I still hate the heat, as much as I did last time it was hot. I can forsee a huuuuuge power bill at the end of the year :(

Well that is it for now....I have a couple of pieces I need to finish up and photograph and list over the next few days. Oh and I did a treasury this morning...first I've done in aaages. It was fun though and I tried to stick to a colour theme (which I find hard).

Have a great day :)
Em ♥


Amy Nicole said...

I've always thought your photos look great, but the new background adds some visual interest! I like it! I know what you mean about not feeling creative, but we just have to keep plugging along eh?

gallerydarrow said...

Your photos and jewelry both look great Em, you have skills girl!

SilverLinesJewelry said...

I think I prefer this bg more :) and I love love love the new pieces!

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Ladies ♥

Susan - Era Art Jewelry said...

Hey, Em ~

I had intended to comment on your last post, but got busy and never did. Was going to say I preferred your gray background, but seeing this, I would have to recant.

Your new backgrounds look great... they are very artistic, they add interest and showcase your work beautifully. Love your new prong and tube settings! Man, you picked those skills up fast! You're doing great. And, you sound great.

Gonna check out your treasury - take care!


littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Susan, unfortunately the prong setting is not my own, only the tube settings are my own work. One day I will attack the pronged day lol..