Sunday, October 16, 2011

On The Bench

I think I am slowly coming out of my creative block.
It's been a few weeks since I have made something decent - i.e non little instant gratification (kinda) pmc things. And I have been really down lately about where Etsy is taking me. I know that the Economy has taken it's toll...and the changes Etsy have made, have only made things harder for me. 

Still getting favourites......but no sales...not even with a 15% off sale in my shop :(

I am over it though.
For now I am trying to work towards my goal of stocking up for the Markets.
There really isn't much else I can do. I will still list all my new work in my shop, but I won't relist much anymore. I really haven't seen much return for bothering, though I know they still recommend you do (of course they do!).

This morning I have played a little at my bench on these things:

Then after house work and washing etc, I made these yummy yums:

Then...thanks to Jo from Gemhaven, I have been wasting time doing this


All the time I waste at this computer could be put to Much! better use....

but nah. I love the internet. I've learnt sooo much from the internet over the years, it's gotten me where I am today and I'm happy for that...cept for the big butt haha.

Well I am about to make some curried egg sandwiches for lunch and then hopefully get back to the bench before making Spaghetti Bol for dinner :)

How is Etsy and it's changes working for you now?? Do you think you have it sorted? I don't :(

Em ♥


SpiralStone said...

I haven't been following all the changes on Etsy because of our move, but I do think it's becoming increasingly difficult to be found amongst the thousands of sellers there. I try to just keep making pieces of jewellery that I love and hope that someone will eventually find those pieces and love them too. I don't relist and I haven't changed the way I name my jewellery for relevancy. So I definitely don't have Etsy and it's changes "sorted", but at least I'm happy making jewellery that I love ... I'm hoping this "love of creating" method will work for me, lol!

I'm so happy you've come out of your creative block, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished pieces :)

Gemheaven said...

Ooops sorry Em!!! ;0)

Can't wait to see the new pieces ~ I personally haven't seen much changes but apart from fiddling and tweaking my listings I have carried on doing what I always do...

1moodychic said...

I have found that since Etsy has started the Impressions thing my sales have dropped way down.
Keep your chin up, holiday shopping will be starting soon and hopefully drive some traffic to our shops.

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks spiral I hate being in a creative funk, it's nice to get out of it...even if it's only for a little while. Can't wait to see your new studio set up!

littlecherryhill said...

LOL Jo! I have been on there everyday finding new things to 'Pin' :)

Thanks Jenn, I'm hoping that listing fresh work will help! :)

gallerydarrow said...

Glad you're out of your funk, I hate when that happens. Etsy can mess with your confidence, your work is stunning, keep on.......

littlecherryhill said...

Thank you Rochelle!

JudyB said...

I pretty much ignore all the changes Etsy has implemented. Mostly because they'll change them all again. I think getting into Treasuries has been my only saving grace. I'm actually trying to make more Treasuries too to see if that helps, so far it has.

littlecherryhill said...

Hey Judy, I hope they change it all again to something less detrimental to so many shops! I will have to give the treasury thing a go too I think....spread some love :)