Thursday, April 1, 2010

LITTLE CHERRY HILL - finally open on Etsy!!

I finally took the plunge and opened it this morning. Though I cannot list my rings just yet, I do have about 10 things or so I can list in the meantime. I feel like such a tool about the whole ring thing. I will get to the bottom of it though!
Next week I hope to dabble in a bit of gold work for the first time. I am looking forward to it, but I am also anxious as gold is way too expensive to make mistakes with...but I have to try one day.
And on top of that, we are looking to move from this house. Which now I have this hobby, has made it a little more difficult as I need somewhere that I can work, without any worry that I may damage/ruin anything. We mainly want to move so our daughter can have a big back garden to play in during the day though. I am scared to move as I am very comfortable where we are now and am kinda made uncomfortable by change of this kind, where I don't know the area or people etc. But it's exciting too!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of things I have made this last week and listed in my shop:

Now I just have to work on sorting those rings out as I love them and want to put them out there!



Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

The shop looks great! Can't wait to see more rings...and what you come up with when experimenting with Gold! I love the mix of Silver and Gold togther.

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

Congratulations Emma! The shop looks great! Can't wait to see more.

Kim said...

It really does look beautiful! Just read about the rings - oops! And sounds just like something I would do. :) You'll do great w/ the gold - honestly I think you have the talent & creativity to fix pretty much any mistakes that may come up.

And wow, a move?! A big yard would be awesome for your daughter [and you guys!]. Ugh, I've moved 12 times I think, so I know all the feelings that go along w/ that kind of change very well! It is exciting, though, and so much fun to explore your new world as my husband & I used to call it [since we did it so much!]. Lots of things going on for you right now, just remember to breathe & all will be well! :D

Erin Jane said...

Congrats Emma! It looks amazing! And, already a sale? Off to a great start!!

tattooedblogger said...

Cangrats to you...look forward to being part of your new adventure

Narelle said...

3 sales already - Yippee!
Congratulations, your store looks amazing. I love your banner too.
I hope your success has given you a huge confidence boost!

Victorian Scarlett Designs said...

Your work is beautiful, I follow your blog now :) Found you through Kim of KSK Designs!

littlecherryhill said...

Thank You everyone!!! :)