Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Down Day.

I am not having a particularly good day today. I played with some PMC last night and made a teeny tiny flower (torch fired), that perhaps I could use as decoration on my jewelry. I still haven't received my boric acid powder, which has got me very frustrated, as I ordered that ages ago. So I went ahead and ordered a small bottle of Firescoff this morning, to try until I can mix up my own stuff.

I did however finish this up last night, which I will probably list in my Etsy store over the weekend:

I want to put lots more small items in my store as I know women enjoy wearing the smaller, dainty stuff too.

I am expecting my silver sheet and gold bezel today....they called me and didn't have some of what I ordered again, but they said they would send out yesterday, which means I should have it today.....well I am still waiting.

Getting a bit fed up with online shopping......nothing ever turns up when it should.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Ugh...I hate waiting on supplies too. I always seem to come up with the best ideas when I can't make anything. The necklace is beautiful! I love Labradorite!

Kim said...

Aw, I'm sorry your day wasn't a good one & I really hope you're feeling better now. It's so frustrating being w/out the supplies you need, especially since the process of creating can really help one get through the day sometimes. I'm happy to hear you experimented w/ the PMC already & can't wait to see the flower! I'm pretty sure I would've wrecked anything I tried to torch, still need to get on learning that skill. :) And the necklace is gorgeous - labradorite is one of my faves too & I'm so impressed w/ how professional your setting looks! Hope the materials arrive soon for you. <3

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

Hey Em, I hate waiting for supplies. Especially when you really need them and they are holding everything up! The necklace is pretty, you make the prettiest bezels! Hope all is well with you. Can't wait to see the PMC work. My hubby has me on a spending freeze, so I'll have to wait a bit to get started with the PMC myself. Does PMC behave like regular silver? I mean can you file it and polish it, and it still holds up ok?

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Cassandra...It's really frustrating having all those ideas and nothing to make them with isn't it!

Kim - It is very frustrating, I have no where to escape to when I am feeling this way. I hate to be blogging negativity, but it's what I am feeling right now. The PMC flower isn't that great. As it's the first one I have tried, I am sure if I persist, they will get better. Hubby wants me to make all of my own findings now he sees what one can do with that clay. But he knows it will cost a bomb! Thank you Kim, I hope you are having a good evening! :)

Amy - I'm prob gonna whinge on a blog post today about it. They are totally holding me up, I really want to get making, before my 'creative' feelings die away to nothing (believe me, it happens!). I haven't sanded/polished the pmc piece yet, but I am led to believe once it's fully fired that you can do everything like you would with normal silver.

Narelle said...

Hi Em,
Sorry to hear you're having a bad day.
I hope you enjoyed using PMC, it takes a bit to get used to.
Once it is fired you can pretty much do anything to it, hammer, solder, file it etc,
but in regards to cleaning it up & making it smooth, it is much easier & saves a lot of time doing it in it's bone-dry stage.
Hope your metal comes soon. xxx

Anonymous said...

Love this necklace - the daintiness (word?) of it and the bezel...beautiful.