Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long Time No See

I'm still here.

And wow! It's already July!! That's craaaazy!! I didn't realise till I logged into my blog that I'd not written a post in so long.

Poppy turned 1 and is walking. Summer is on her school holidays right now, but as Poppy and I've been sick, we haven't really been anywhere or doing anything very fun. Hopefully all going well next week, I have a couple of outings planned.

On the jewellery making side of things, it has been slow. My creating mojo pretty much died. Completely. I managed to make 1 ring a couple of weeks ago:

But apart from that I've been dead in the water when it comes to making things. I watch everyone else around me making strides in their skills - whilst I fall waaay behind. I really want to make things, but when I sit and look at my stones, I'm uninspired and I can't come up with anything decent or new, so I just don't bother.

I think it's time to start practicing something new. Perhaps that will inspire me to get making again?

Apart from that, there really isn't anything new to write about. Oh except for a couple of months of being obsessed with make up. Yes, so late in life I know. But I've always been a very basic make up wearer. And since having my 2nd child I don't really overly care about putting on make up every time I leave the house. (and by make up I mean a dash of powder and mascara.) But something caught my eye - to do with make up - and ever since I have been collecting it. Hmmmm perhaps that's why I haven't been making any jewellery.....

Anyway, I've been having fun discovering things like Primer - for the eyes and face! - no I didn't really know either existed. And how to apply eyeshadow properly - like doing the crease etc. Oh and I discovered really nice make up brushes (sigma and real techniques). And the most fun part was discovering a whole load of make up brands - Urban decay, Stila, Nars, Too Faced and so on.... you gals in the USA have it SO GOOD! We pay $45 for a Nars blush here, compared to your $30. Make up here is atrociously over priced. Revlon and Loreal etc are around the $20 and up - and I'm not overly a fan of their make up either.

So my obsession is no longer really an obsession, more like an enjoyment now. I have a nice collection of different make up - not in the foundation and powders though - just in eye shadows and blush mainly - and I LOVE both as I'm a big fan of colour.

I hope to get back to my bench again soon. I feel bad just letting everything out there lay dormant - especially seeing I have a nice new computer out there that my hubby bought me! Winter time is usually my favourite time to work at my bench.

Well that's me done for now. Hope you are having fun creating - even if I'm not!

Em ♥


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

That's a beautiful ring! I lose my mojo sometimes too. It can be a bit annoying but it usually comes back eventually.

Maybe your new make up colours will help to inspire you :D

littlecherryhill said...

I hope so Tracy! I am working on a few things and feel like I want to get back to my bench a little more :)

Maria Apostolou said...

Emma I love that ring! We all suffer from creative blocks from time to time. I hope that you won't get discouraged because your work is really beautiful!

littlecherryhill said...

Thank you Maria, I know most of us who make things suffer from the creating block, I always just worry that it's here to stay!!

lovesilverpalace said...

Awesome Ring !!