Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where for art thou Autumn?

Well it sure doesn't feel like Autumn round these parts.
And frankly I'm disappointed.
Every year I look forward to the cooler months. We don't get the serious cool weather like some of you (on the other side of the world) are getting right now.
But it's still nice to have a change of season and be able to rug up in cosy clothes and have the choice to wear boots (for 5 minutes) and to warm up with a hot drink.

What I like about it even more, is I get to work at my bench and use the torch.

I finished that custom order:

And then I finished off my first ever piece with 3 stones:

That piece had been sitting on my bench for a couple of weeks waiting to be LOS'd and set. So other than those two pieces, I haven't done much else. The head is still filled with plenty of ideas. But again I'm going through the whole 'my work is crap and not good enough' phase again. We all go through it and come back around out of it again, so I'm not too worried by it. I've a few things on my mind.

There is a custom order to be done in the next week or so and I've a follow up appointment for an echocardiogram on Wednesday. Once that is out of the way I will do the custom order and perhaps that will help me back to my bench to make new things.

School holidays are just around the corner again. They're for a whole two weeks too! I hope it's cooled down by then, as I would love to take the girls out for some day trips.

Okie dokie then, this was just a short post. Hope it finds you well :)
Em ♥

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Kate Dewdney said...

Your work is so beautiful! Glad I stumbled across your blog! :)