Sunday, January 20, 2013


My daughter broke her arm. 
Her right arm.
On Tuesday. 
The day I was having such a terrible time at the bench and thinking of giving up. 
Well it ended much worse than I could have possibly imagined. 

Just 5 minutes before it happened, I had asked her to come back inside as it was getting late and going to be dinner soon. As usual, she refused, saying she wanted to stay out and keep playing. So I walked away. Then I came back to my bench to try and keep on keeping on, when I heard the painful cries. 
I got up wondering if the dog had tried to get her, because she tends to annoy him (he's only a couple of pounds in weight). Or I thought maybe a bug had landed on her again. 

Then I saw.
As she walked across the patio towards me.
Her floppy arm.
Oh. My. Goodness.
I almost totally freaked out. 
I haven't ever seen anything broken before. But I was certain that her arm was indeed broken. 
I swept her up and yelled out to my husband to get the keys we're going to the hospital. 
And the rest goes as you would expect it to.

We got her seen to almost straight away in the emergency room. 
You could see it was very painful, but she was acting so bravely and hardly crying at all.

All in all we were there only a few hours. 
The Doctors and Nurses were fabulous! They treated her with such care and patience and warmth it was probably what made it go so smoothly.

A week later and Summer is totally back to her normal, noisy, cheeky self.

Tomorrow morning, I take her to get her proper cast on. The one she has on now is only a half cast (the cast part is underneath the arm) and it is bandaged on.
No idea why they didn't cast it up straight away, but there is obviously a reason for it.
She gets to pick a colour for the new one, which I'm sure she will find fun.
And she will be wearing it for the first few weeks of Prep - which starts in 1 weeks time! So she will get plenty of attention I'm sure :)

In other news, I'm still feeling down and out with my smithing skills.
I haven't let it keep me from the bench - as sometimes I feel that does the opposite for me. I have just kept on keeping on. 

This is a piece I finished this morning:

Labradorite Pendant - Cascades
I was cleaning up the LOS off a piece today (that I struggled with last week) and as I was doing it, a jump ring came away :( 
I was pretty frustrated to say the least. So I went back and soldered it on. Thank goodness I hadn't yet set the stone, or who knows what I would have been able to do with it.

Now I have to LOS it again and hopefully it turns out well the second time.
I've also made a 3 stone ring and a very large pendant, but need to LOS those yet.

On Friday afternoon, Summer and I made some cookies.
Sadly they weren't all that great, they were too light in texture. And I wasn't a fan of the taste to be honest. But sometimes it's fun to try and make things you haven't before. However, I won't be making these again ....

Sugar Cookies with M&M's
Okay, I should probably sign off here, so I can make Summer some lunch.
We've a busy week ahead of us before she starts school.
I am looking forward to it and I think she is too.

Take care 
Em ♥


gallerydarrow said...

Ah well don't give up Emma, things will get better.

Summer is adorable and brave. I broke a lot of bones growing up including my sisters arm! ahhhaaa True story!!

xo Ro

littlecherryhill said...

I won't give up Rochelle, at least not yet :) I haven't broken a bone myself, must have felt awful to break your sisters!!