Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Little News To Share

I'm not sure if you will remember, but last year over a few of my later posts, I was complaining of not feeling so great.

Well this is the reason why:

We are expecting baby #2 this year in June!

I have been struggling with several ailments due to being pregnant :(
I'm having some heart palpitations (seeing a specialist about this) have had 'Morning Sickness' (usually an afternoon early evening event) and am now suffering from Chronic Reflux - which last Friday afternoon got sooo bad that I called an Ambulance for myself!! At that time I didn't know what was wrong with me, but I thought I was dying :( The pain was the worst I've ever had in my chest. Fortunately I have the best GP and I was able to talk to him over the phone and he gave me the name of a tablet to take.

Last night at about 9:30, I felt the symptoms start in my chest again and so I got up and took the tablet. About 10 minutes later after really bad pain, it just disappeared! Just like that! That happened to me on Friday too. I was on the floor in severe pain and then - snap your fingers - it was gone. So I don't know if it was the tablets that worked their magic, or if it was going to go of it's own accord. 
I guess I will have to wait until I have another attack :( Which I really hope doesn't happen!

In other news, Summer is doing well at Prep.
She now has a half cast again - after having a whole arm one for 2 weeks and she gets that cast off (hopefully) next Tuesday.

Not much else happening around these parts. I'm too tired to do much. Keeping up with the housework takes it out of me as it is. I want to get to the bench today. I have finally finished soldering a piece that was giving me hell. So I need to oxidize it and polish it up and hopefully it turns out. 

Well, here's hoping I get to that bench at some point today. Or this week lol.
Take care all 
Em ♥

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