Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of Cabochons.

Now wouldn't that be awesome!!


Well it is cloudy today and it smells like rain. The weather has been a bit like that for the past few days. I love it. But it's frustrating for the hubby who has to try and work in it. I haven't been getting to the bench as much as I'd like this week. 

The flu dropped by (to visit me only) and has almost left :)
I got a couple of parcels of cabochons this morning:

And I have about the same amount coming soon :) 
I'll probably buy more again this week. Going through the cabochon buy up phase...you know what it's like!

I went to the Gem show on Saturday and dragged hubby along. It was pretty much pathetic. Thank goodness we didn't have to pay to get in, would have asked for our money back - it was that bad.

But on the flip side, I had met someone who is going to fix some labradorite cabochons for me. Though I haven't heard from him yet, so I'm getting a bit antsy about it. I left him with 3 gorgeous ones that cost me over $100, so you can see why I'm a bit antsy. Anyway when I got them, they weren't completely flat on the bottoms and I didn't want to try and set them like that, so I needed them ground down a bit. Here's hoping I don't have to ring him........

Below is a picture Summer drew of me :) - I've never seen her draw anything before - though I've tried a million times to encourage her to draw.

and here is another smiley face she did this morning. I'm so proud! lol as I type this she is reading it out aloud.

I'm working on a custom order and a present for a friend who has just had her baby girl. I had no idea what kind of gift to give her, then I figured I would make her some thing, I prefer to hand make things as gifts whenever I can. But I didn't fancy sewing this time, so metal was the next best thing!

And I have made a little fern pendant to put in the shop, it's in the tumbler now :)

The wind has died down and the sun has come out. Wish the weather would make up it's mind! :)

Em ♥


Bespoke Jewellery said...
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Anna-Karin Hallström said...

"Cloudy with a chance of cabochons"... now wouldn't that be the BEST weather ever?? EVER!!

Crossing my fingers that the labradorites will be returned with absolute flat bottoms. :) Soon.

littlecherryhill said...

They did Anna! Though I got them back last week, I still haven't made anything with them lol