Thursday, March 29, 2012

Been a Big Week.

Wow, just like the title says, it's been a busy week here in our household.

My mum came to stay for a couple of nights. 

Summer is now enrolled in a Preprep program (kindy) and I spent a few hours there at the centre with her, so she could get a feel for it all and meet the other children.
This morning I took in all her enrollment forms etc and then we did a little grocery shop together. She won't be starting there for another 2 weeks, as school holidays start now. So we have 2 weeks left's going to be so strange not having her around everyday.
I'd be lying if I said it doesn't bother me a bit.

Anywho, my hubby did my bench for me pretty much straight away.
It's so big!! Here is a picture of my new bench:

It's a bit hard to tell just by looking at this, but if you look at the old bench picture in my last post, you can gather an idea of the size if you see where my soldering board is, compared to where it is on my new bench. It's probably a bit too big a bench...if there is such a thing?? lol

I got myself a new sheet of silver this week and some more gold filled wire and a new tool!! 

I have seen several others with this tool. A facet stone setting tool. And they've sung the praises of it, so I figured I would invest in one, considering I want to use a lot more of these stones in my work. I haven't tried it out yet..(typically). But perhaps I will get around to it this weekend. 

Hopefully soon over the next week, I will get to try out this new bench and see how I go working at it for a prolonged period of time. I might need to get a new chair yet, but hoping I can get away with my old one as it's really comfy to work in.

Alrighty, I should probably get on with my housework etc, though I don't much feel like it.

Take care 
Em ♥


Echoes of Norway said...

Love your new bench! Facet stone setting tool? I'll need to get myself one of those! Hope you'll be able to spend some time on your new bench this weekend! :)

gallerydarrow said...

It all looks so clean and fresh......ready, set, GO.

It's an adjustment being away from the little one, it's hard :(


littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Sabine....Saturdays almost over and I haven't used the bench yet :(

Thanks Ro, I know it will be hard, but watching her at the kindy with the other little kids, you could see it written all over her face she was enjoying it so much!

RosyRevolver said...

The bench is awesome, lady! Magic is gonna happen there. :)