Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On my Bench

This is my bench right now:

It's a mess. It's small and it's not comfy to sit at. (But it has been a good bench to me)

But that's no longer a problem as I'm getting this made:

Hip Hip Hooray!!

I've been talking about getting a new bench for ages now and it's finally a reality. 
I should be able to have it to use by Friday night. There will be at least double the space now! I will post a picture when it's all done and set up and tidy :)

I am in the middle of purchasing some silver. I probably should send in my scrap and get some cash back for that.....

Nothing much has been happening around these parts. The weather is rubbish. Raining lots. And still as muggy as the middle of Summer. 

We have an inspection tomorrow afternoon :(
I spent 4 hours on Monday doing a mega bleach out on my tiles again.
My little yellow budgie passed away last week.... she was so sweet. I will miss her.

Summer is on a waiting list for a pre prep program...hopefully will get in soon..... she really needs it.

And I think that's about all that's new. 
Here are a few pictures of my latest pieces:

Well I guess I had better get on with the tidying for the inspection tomorrow (not that the house is a mess). I just like things to be rather perfect lol

Hope you are all well x 
Em ♥


Amy Nicole said...

A new bench!!! Yay!!! All your new work is fab...sorry to hear about your baby Budgie :-( Be sure to show us pics of the new bench!

littlecherryhill said...

I'll be sure to share pics of the new bench Amy. It's drying off right now, so hopefully by the weekend I will have it all set up :)

Gemheaven said...

woohoo!!! New bench Em!!! x

♥ beautiful new pieces too!!

gallerydarrow said...

Superb work Emma, I love the turquoise colored ring.

Oh new tools are ALWAYS uplifting, congrats.

Sorry about your little budgie, I had a sweet turquoise one once :(

xo Ro

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Jo! It's almost set up now and ready to go :)

Thanks Ro ♥