Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broken Record.

It seems that all I ever do is write about the hot weather on my blog these days.
Well the weather is still absolutely horrid. It's so humid I am struggling to get absolutely anything normal done, let alone jewellery making.

It's driving me CRAZY!!! It is s'posed to rain this afternoon and start to cool down....yeah I will believe it when I feel it. Till then I am just sitting at the computer scrolling through a million bags on Ebay, as it's time I bought one that was a decent size (I have only got smallish bags), enough to fit things in without them spilling out each time I open my bag cuz it's too small.

I am just going to try and get all my washing done today and not worry about the rest of the housework. It's too hot to vacuum and my mop broke again, I'm on the second one at this house.

Anyways, here is what I have finished up lately in the jewellery department:

My first saw pierced and riveted pendant. It turned out okay. I am not super impressed by it, riveting is kinda tricky (for me) at the moment, having only ever done it this one time. I am not sure I want to continue doing it either. Hubby thought it turned out quite good (bless his cotton socks), but quite honestly it was a pain in the a** and I don't think I have the right hammer for it. But I did buy myself a tiny little riveting plate/stake thingy, so I might give it a go again. I did like how the pattern I sawed out looks.

This ^ is more my thing as far as sawing out is concerned. I love this piece. It looks awesome in real life, very vintage. I haven't put it up in my Etsy shop yet, but I will try and get around to it this week. I have plans to do more of her, but will have to wait and see if this one finds a new home first. I want to do a nice bird like this too. .. .. if only it would cool down enough....

I am so very pleased to see that Kim from KSK
is back on the Blogging Wagon! I can't wait to hear what she has been up too! Welcome back Kim!

That's all I have to write about ... boring huh!

Hope you are all enjoying lovely weather.


Kim said...

Never boring! The new pieces are beautiful & I'm baffled at how you get your saw to cut such fine details. I really love the peek-a-boo effect of the first one & your rivets look nicer than mine! I've done it on a grand total of 3 pieces, so I know it's fussy work. It's an awesome look though & I bet your new thingy [official brand name] will help. And your lady is exquisite! The rose & necklace really grab me. I think she'll appeal to a wide range of people & I look forward to your bird.

We had a 'heatwave', got up to 50 when it's typically in the teens this time of year. I rather annoyed my family by complaining while they were all glad for the warmth & I bet you'd be glad for the cool. It's a wonder to me you've been productive at all in humidity to boot - you know I'm w/ you!

Thank you so much for the kind welcome back. Wish I could send you some of the icicles we have hanging from our roof, eek! :)

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Kim :) The new tool is a Riveting Stake Plate or something like was only $6 so not a big deal if I don't use it.

Oh and I would love to have icicles!! But it doesn't seem to ever get that cold here :(

Anonymous said...

These 2 pieces are gorgeous...I love the silhouette and the piercing with the red behind it is awesome.