Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My posts lately seem to be all about the Summer weather and how much I hate it. Unfortunately this post will be much the same.
It's now Autumn and has been for 3 days...but you wouldn't know it from the weather we are still having. It's as hot as an oven. Well maybe not quite that hot....but sometimes it's all I can think of to liken it too.

Right now I am hiding away in our bedroom, with the air conditioning on and a fan and I am on my laptop, whilst chatting to my mum on msn. I really really want to get to my bench to make stuff, but it's not going to happen. Oh and I stuffed my torch up already. I am going to clean it out and change the head and see what comes of's my own fault too. I just hope I can fix it, seeing as I have hardly used it.

I sold my 'Flowers in Her Hair' silhouette pendant to a lady in France. I was so excited!! I have only sent to USA and within Australia thus far, so it was nice to know a piece was going somewhere different. I can't wait till she gets it. And I hope she leaves me feedback, cuz no one else is...

I have a few pieces in the works at the I said before it's just too hot to they will have to stay in their half done state for a bit longer. Though tomorrow supposedly, we are going to have heavy rain all day long. So maybe I will get to finish them sooner than I think?? I can only hope.

A question for you......
When someone compliments you on your jewellery (if you wear pieces you've made yourself as I do) do you tell them that you made them yourself?? Or do you just thank them for their compliment and leave it as that??


Kim said...

Congrats on selling your lady! No surprise to me, but how exciting & very cool to think that someone in France will be wearing her! After that you deserve a little break anyway, just too bad it's because of the heat. Did Summer get her name in an effort on your part to make peace with the abhorred season? She is a much more beautiful example of the word! :)

I push myself to say I've made something when someone compliments it & it's gotten easier for me. It hasn't happened since I started doing this, but I now carry cards with me & have every intention of whipping one out if it ever happens again! I can't just bring it up out of nowhere, but if the topic arises, it's the perfect opportunity. I think we should be our own best advocates whenever possible, and I'd do it for a friend, so why not for myself?

Really hope you get that rain, and your feedback! So far I've found a gentle & reasonably-timed 'I hope you received your necklace & are happy with it' has been an effective reminder.

JudyB said...

I usually just say thank you. But I have friend who when she is with me and someone says something she always says "She made it!" It's too emberassing.
One time I was wearing a ring I made and cut the stone for and when someone complimented me on it I stumbled into saying I even cut the stone. She didn't understand and it got a little awkward.
I try and I just feel my face flush.

Belinda Saville said...

I had to scroll through your posts to see the silhouette pendant, and now I completely understand why she is making her way to France...she is BEAUTIFUL! I've seen silhouette cutouts before, but yours is by far my favourite...the flowers in her hair are such a sweet touch :-)

In answer to your question, yes I always tell people that I made it myself (as corny as that answer sounds LOL). If they ask me whether I sell my work, I hand them one of my Moo mini cards...otherwise I don't bother! I'm terrible at selling myself, really LOL

Here's hoping you have some cooler weather in Qld soon! I'll send some of our chilly Autumn weather from here in Melbourne if you like? :-)


Amy Nicole said...

Yeah, I have a hard time with that. I usually just say thank you...and struggle the entire minute long as to whether I should say I made it or not.....I wish I was better at self promotion...I just get too embarrassed!

Gemheaven said...

I think we all have problems selling ourselves and our work because we aren't business minded but creative minds ~ but yeah the amount of times I could kick myself for not handing out a business card lol!1

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Kim - I was so excited to send something to France! I like what the season 'Summer' represents...and it's just a nice name anyway, but I can't really stand the Summer we had this year lol!

Judy - I have been in a similar's embarrassing and I tend to go red and gush my words haha.

Thanks Belinda! I'm starting to tell peeps that I have made my own jewellery if they say something, I carry cards with me too, just in case. We finally got some nice weather here now! Not super cool or anything, but nice nonetheless :)

Amy, Jo, I agree with you both. I don't want to look like I am full of myself for saying I made something, but if someone says they love something, I find I'm starting to bite the bullet and say something as you just never know.....