Thursday, July 29, 2010

LaZy DaY.....

I am feeling really lazy right now.....I have done my housecleaning and I took Summer to the park for a swing and then we went to our new fave spot and spent an hour wading through the shallow water, picking up shells and spotting fish.

It's an absolutely beautiful day....the kind that makes you happy and very grateful to be alive and enjoying it.

Up above are some pictures of what I have been creating since my last post. I have dabbled in my first attempt at lip balm making and it turned out great.

I just received my latest order of silver I am just waiting on my latest horde of cabs to arrive...can't wait!

Well Summer has gone for a nap and I think it's time to have some lunch. I am still trying to sew something, but I am one of those kinda girls who starts one project and then starts another and then another....but never finishes one.....hopefully soon I will :)


SpiralStone said...

Wow! Your new jewellery looks amazing!

littlecherryhill said...

Thank You :)