Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been A While....

It feels like longer than 2 weeks ago since I last blogged. I haven't really been in the mood lately. This past week I am kinda flat. I won't write about it...but any stay at home mum (of a 2yr old) would totally understand why.

During the day I don't get much of a chance at the bench...and at night, I just am too exhausted to bother, though I have so many things I want to make. But this last week I have gotten a chance to finally make some earrings (which can be seen on my FB fan page). They at least don't take too much of my time and can be done in parts during the day, whilst being mum.

Below are some bangles I made a couple of weeks ago (I made 8 in total) for myself. I added some PMC3 initial charms to 4 of them. I love wearing them. They make a nice jingle, jangle sound and the charms make a soft tinkly sound too. They aren't finished off perfectly, but I don't really care, sometimes I have to have instant gratification!

Below are a pair of my earrings I have made this past week using Turquoise.

The last few days have not been great weather wise, so we have been stuck in the house every day, till today. I got the house cleaning done and then Summer and I took a drive down to the beach and spent an hour watching the tide come in. We got to see some weird looking clear blob, Jelly Fish type things in the water, I always keep an eye out for any special shells that might end up on the sand, but no luck so far :(

I am going to try and get dinner cooked now, so I don't have to do it tonight.... Oh and I go and collect all my Jewellery from the Cube shop tomorrow....quite disappointed that I didn't sell much. But I gave it a shot. I am going to relist it all on Etsy and possibly in a few months time (when I have enough stock) try the local arts n crafts markets. Everything is worth a shot!

K well gonna go buy some onions and bread now....buh bye :)


JudyB said...

I feel your pain about not getting to the bench much. I'm up until midnight every night, at least when I'm not too tired, working on jewelry. It's tough, but your work is beautiful, and so is your daughter!

littlecherryhill said...

Aw thank you Judy!! What a lovely thing to say :)