Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Too Hot!!!

It's killin' me.
I can't even contemplate going to the bench and attempting to make anything :( 
I would just melt away.
Granted it's not as hot as some parts of Australia, but still this is as much as I can take.
We got the new quick release handle onto my flexshaft, but I haven't been out there to take advantage yet. 

What's on my bench: 

no idea when I'll get this all finished.....
Above is a bracelet I made, instead of a necklace. It's nowhere near the completed stage, lots of filing and cleaning to do yet .... maybe next year LOL.

I'm getting to the point where I think of bringing my metal out to the kitchen to work on. It's air conditioned in the house (watch out electric bill - Yikes!!). I could solder in the hot plate area, as it has the vent above and possibly I could file and sand over the sink. Desperate? Yes. If it's like this for the next 2 months then I am going to have to seriously consider this. I am falling waaaay behind. I haven't had a sale in a while - but again, I'm still not promoting myself and I don't renew much and I certainly am not making enough new work to attract new customers. Basically I'm getting out what I'm putting in ....... which is nothing much really :(

Went outside just now to see to the pets and this little guy was in my dogs water bowl having a soak:

Don't often see them in the daytime - they're more nighttime lurkers round our parts - but it's been so hot. I don't like toads. At. All. Love frogs. But you never see them ... only hear them.

I really really really really hope it rains. This weather freaks me out, as we live across from the bush and it's weather like this that brings massive bushfires - super humidity, dry and windy. Not a good mix.

Well that's all for now folks.
Oh I decided on a new logo - thanks to the help of all my friends and family and helpful fans on my facebook page. I am pondering a new backdrop in the new year and I want to incorporate my logo too.

Take care :) And have an awesome holiday season!
Em ♥

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