Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cannot Think......

my daughter is outside on the patio singing her lungs out and I can't think. All day it's been 'don't do this/don't do that/if you do that again......' I'm a bit over it.

And she's only got 2 more days of Kindy left this year, then it's home every day for 6 weeks. I'm still not feeling great (will elaborate another time about that). We have an inspection tomorrow :(  So a few things to get done for that. I haven't really spent much time at the bench lately either. Still think about it every spare moment, but I haven't the get up and go right now. Though I did get a cuff finished this week! In my Etsy store :)

I have about another 8 lovely new labradorites that I'm looking forward to using. Has to be one of my fave stones. 
Today I got out to the bench, I've nearly finished a bracelet and I'm working on a couple of other pendants. It would be nice if I could just work in there for a few straight hours with no distractions ... maybe Friday :)

Last week I purchased a quick release hand piece for my flex shaft. I can't wait to get it working as it's going to make things a lot easier for me. 

It was our 11th wedding anniversary on the 1st of Dec and hubby chipped in to buy me this chair I just absolutely HAD to have lol

I didn't have my normal lens on, only the macro, so I couldn't get a full shot of it, but it's a sofa and it's absolutely stunning and I love it! Been looking for something like this for a very very long time.

Also I'm working on getting a new logo done for my jewellery. But trying to chose something is a nightmare for me haha ... if you want to see what I'm choosing from, head over to my facebook page and you can give me your opinion. 

Going to love you and leave you here :)
Em ♥

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