Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yay I received my parcel this morning of goodies :)

My fave kind of parcel is this kind. Supplies. Yes fresh new tools and silver and gold (gold fill to be exact) and a lovely shiny new book.

But as usual it's too hot in my workshop to play :(
So the goodies will sit and wait patiently for me to try them out. Cept for the book, I could read that anytime :)

I'm enjoying a nice hot cup of tea (that is going cold swiftly) and a couple of short bread biscuits. Yum. Summertime is coming to a close at the end of February and then it will be Autumn. I can't wait! 

There is so much on my mind at the moment. 
So much I have/want to do.
I'm thinking of some classes perhaps in smithing, to expand my horizons. Like wax carving.

You can see in my piccie above that I have some handles. I need to make a little burnishing tool at some point and that is what those are for. Once I have that made, I can attempt flush setting. I have the stones and burs, so I could at least make a start on my first attempt....

I have a dentist checkup appt this afternoon and I'm not looking forward to it. I have to have it late in the afternoon, to make sure my hubs is home to be with Summer. Which means it kind of ruins the whole day, with the appt lingering overhead.

Anyways, at least I have some nice new stones and tools and supplies to play with. It gives me something to look forward to :)

Em ♥


Anna-Karin Hallström said...

Want me to scoop up some cold in a box and send it to you? Really... you can have. All. :P

I'm too in a state of having too much I want to do. I'd really love to try casting, but I have to face it, then I would need are "real" studio and not just a spare bedroom on the top floor and a tray with soldering stuff in a drawer in the kitchen. LOL

Oh well... a girl can dream, can't she?


littlecherryhill said...

Oh I would LOVE some cold! Please! I would give anything for an airconditioned studio right now. And yes what fun would life be if we couldn't dream eh?!!

Amy Nicole said...

Yay! I love new supplies too! Hope you get a chance to play soon!

littlecherryhill said...

I will as soon as it cools down Amy...right now it's just too thick with humidity to enjoy :(