Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm all for a change every now and then. 
It keeps things interesting and fresh.
But some changes are more difficult than others.

It's time for me to put Summer into some sort of Pre-Prep/kindy school. 
I am so used to having her home with me every single day...that the thought of being without her every day makes me feel a bit strange. She needs it. I think she'll love it. She hasn't ever been in any kind of daycare though, so I am unsure whether she will find it hard for me to leave her there - with a bunch of strangers, or if she will be so absorbed in the excitement of it all that she won't care. I'm really hoping that she won't care about me leaving. 

She is such a friendly outgoing little girl now and is very gentle when it comes to playing with other children. I don't want that to change. She isn't used to children who bite, hit, snatch, swear, or who are rough when they play. Maybe I'm being a bit of a worry wort. Summer needs to assert her independence and needs to learn to stand up for herself when mum and dad aren't around and being away from home will help her do that. I just hope she doesn't bring the above traits home with her.........(am I being ridiculous??)

Another thing I am pondering changing, is my shop name. 
As much as I am attached to the name I have now, it doesn't really give any indication of what it stands for. I am struggling with what to change it to.

I have:
Cherry Hill Silver
Emma Cherry Silver
The Silver Cherry

Which do you prefer??

Above is what's on my bench right now....not much eh? The one good change for me, when Summer goes to kindy will be the time I will have to be at the bench and get things made. Those of you who've got kids, know how hard it is to get anything made with them around all day, especially when there are no day naps occurring anymore.

Okay...think I'm going to call the kindy now..... *sob sob*....



JudyB said...

I know how you feel about the school thing. I'm sure summer will love it, but it will be a transition for you both. I'm going through the same thing with Olivia. I know she needs it, I just have to suck it up and hope for the best!

littlecherryhill said...

All the best to you and Olivia with it! I took Summer down first thing after posting this blog and started the enrollment. She had lots of fun playing around whilst I had a long chat with one of the staff. I'm hoping it will be an uneventful transition to make it easy on us both!

Echoes of Norway said...

I have no children and could not possibly give any advice on this, but I have worked in a kindergarten for a couple of years and know that most kids adapt quite well. I can imagine though that a transition like this can be quite difficult both for the parents and the child. Sending you nothing but best wishes! <3

littlecherryhill said...

Thank You Sabine. I'm hoping that Summer will get over any worries she may have over me leaving her, quickly. I just want her to have a blast there!

gallerydarrow said...

That whole big world is out there and I know how you feel though whatever the experience she does encounter it will cause your darling little girl to grow and learn to cope without you. Chances are she will really love it so you need to be strong and deliver her there with confidence because ultimately it is for her. She won't change into any of those other children either, just like you don't change when you're around other people. I bet she will have a blast and you'll have a little time to yourself and when you pick her up she will tell you of the wonderful things, she saw and did and you two can go out to lunch, a special date :)

Can you tell I've been there ? Be strong, I have an only too :)

xoxoxox Ro

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Rochelle. I know I can't let her see me if I get upset. But as long as she doesn't mind being left there, I should be able to hold it together just fine :)

SilverLinesJewelry said...

No children here, no advice on that...but, I guess as long as she is adjusting normally there, you wont have any problem...

And, another thing...I love your work gorgeous!

littlecherryhill said...

Aw thanks Jenni! I just want her to be happy :)

Amy Nicole said...

I sent my oldest to preschool when she was 3, and my youngest when she was 2. They both loved it, and it was good for me to have some time to myself! I don't think you should change your name! I was just thinking to myself the other day how sad I was that I couldn't come up with a clever name. I love "little cherry hill" always have. And there are lots of jewelers with names that don't tell what they do!

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Amy!! I guess it's just hard to let go of Summer, when she's been with me for 99% of her life so far....I am unsure if I will change the name, just pondering it :)

Anna-Karin Hallström said...

Both my kids went to daycare when they were about 14months old and my maternity leave was over. And seriously - daycare is great for children. Truly. They learn so much and you can bet the teachers won't accept biting, swearing etc anymore than you do, so just relax. :)

And most often, I got scolded by both my kids for picking them up too early. *eyeroll* "We wanna plaaaayyy..". Yeah, well I'm tired and I wanna go home. LOL

My son is turning 18 this year and my daughter just turned 8. Both are strong, independent, smart and very very kind creatures, so trust me - Summer will do great. I promise. :)

Oh and no... I don't think you should change your name either. Little Cherry Hill is perfect. If you want to show what you do just add a little tag underneath it "Handmade jewellery from Australia" or something.

Take a few deep breaths now and think about all the time you'll have, playing with your silver. :)


littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Anna! I know it's going to be awesome for her (once she gets into it). I'm trying to see all the positives for both of us. I don't think I will be changing my shop name after all ♥