Wednesday, December 7, 2011

She's gone again!

My creative muse/mojo. 
Gotta say, I'm getting a bit tired of her disappearing on me.
I have tried to make my first bezel setting for a faceted gemstone, it's sitting in the pickle right now and if it works out, it'll be a miracle. I've got some earrings in the pickle too, they've been sitting on my bench for some time now.

As I wrote in my last blog, the weather has been 'bench' friendly lately. So this afternoon, I thought I would take advantage of it and see what I can do...but I'm just not feeling it. And when I don't feel it, negativity starts to creep in....thoughts like 'oh no, am I just not into this anymore??' - 'my designs suck and I'm not advancing enough'.

None of those kind of thoughts help.
But how do you stop them creeping in??
I'm wondering if a batch of nice new stones would help some. I haven't bought any cabs in a while now and I'm a bit sick of looking at my old ones lol.
Probably should be at the bench more.
I wonder if trolling the internet for inspiration will perk up the creative juices....or will it just hinder me?

There has been something on my mind the past couple of weeks too that isn't helping, but I can't really do anything about that right now.

Does this happen to you often?
What do you do to combat it?

I've walked away from the bench for now. Let the things in the pickle sit a while and I'll get them out and take it from there. Maybe finishing a simple piece will help some. I don't know.

Maybe I'm forcing myself to be something I'm not....



Susan - Era Art Jewelry said...

Em ~

Muses and mojos can be such floozies at times! Not all that reliable. Keeps things interesting, huh? Soon it'll saunter back in, perhaps when you least expect it.

Beautiful job on that red bead and leather wrap bracelet. Makes me want to drag out some leather and make things with it.

If something's on my mind that I can't do anything about, then I have to let it go (ie: force it out), cause if I can't do anything about it, then I can't, and it's serving no good purpose taking up space on my mind and bothering me.


littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Susan! Maybe I should try and force it out too....

Mariann Monika said...

Hi Em

I get a little lost sometimes, too.
Then a custom order comes along and I'm right back at it!
It helps to see all the great pieces I've made and sold in my online shops, and the feedback from customers always lifts my spirits. Even though there's not that many sales, it still makes me so happy.

Take a moment to reflect on all the great things you've achieved through your jewellery, the new techniques, the new shapes and series of work. Enjoy the way it has all grown and developed with you and trust that it will continue in leaps and bounds.

I know it will :o)


Gemheaven said...

Some wise words here Em ~ I found just finishing some pieces and basically looking at magazines or stones or even a good long walk will help ~ my muse went on an extended holiday a week or so ago but she is back right when I can't make use of her ~ my holiday hours are nearly upon me :(

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Mariann, I appreciate your comment!

Jo - I'm just playing with some PMC3 this week...sometimes that helps to kick start my brain again. Doesn't help when life gets in the way though.