Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes my silly sewing machine is already broken. 
I had all my pattern pieces cut/interfaced/pinned together ready to go, but the bobbin and top threads just wouldn't connect. So hubby had a fiddle and we came to the conclusion it needs a new bobbin case. 

So this morning Summer and I went to a sewing store and got a replacement. I haven't put it in yet....can't be bothered yet lol.

Then we went and did a little grocery shop. I am going to make a nice big lasagne and salad for dinner - I don't make lasagne often, cause it takes so long. But my hubby deserves something extra yummy this evening, as he upgraded my earrings yesterday! Yes! It was all his idea. I so loved the ones he got me already, but he decided that he wanted me to have bigger ones and so he rang the store he purchased them from and they said it was okay to bring the original ones back to upgrade them!

So yesterday afternoon that is what we did. He's always been a freaking awesomely generous man, I totally hit the jackpot with him! But again, this pressie takes the cake. I'm not normally one to boast about things like this - but I can't help myself. I just want to share how damn good this man is to me!

Anywho, Summer is eating some lunch and I should probably have mine soon and then get on with dinner.

I made myself another chan luu inspired leather wrap bracelet, but after wearing it 2 times, I've decided to pull it apart. Whiteish leather is not really a great choice, it gets grubby very quickly. And the beads - chalk turquoise - have marks on them already...I should probably get better quality ones next time....So I am going to hunt down some new beads and make another wrap for myself with better colour leather - maybe dark brown or black perhaps and better beads. The button I made for this one turned out lovely too! 

 Below is a picture of Summer I took the other afternoon, I got about 40 shots of her in many different poses that she was making up herself, including this one.
She is sooo cute ♥

And below is a pair of Agate earrings that I finally got around to finishing off.

I still haven't been at the bench much. Yesterday Summer went to her Grandies for the day, so I got to the bench and finished these off and then got started on a simple but largish ring for the shop. I have been still having fun with some pmc3 making some little owl charms for my shop

Well I hope that my silver mojo returns soon. I really want to make a go of it for real in the new year, filling my etsy shop up and finally getting myself to a market. Sales have been terrible this month so far and it's really disappointing, which has that terrible knock on effect of not motivating me to make new work. I don't know how you guys are fairing in your Etsy sales, but it's making me question my future in silver :(

Have a wonderful week everyone
Em ♥


Amy Nicole said...

Upgraded? Did you say upgraded? As in BIGGER Diamonds? ;-) I was impressed to begin with, but WOW! You have one heck of a guy there! I hope the bobbin fixes things. I've done better off Etsy than on this season. 2012 is all about me promoting me and not Etsy. Promoting individuals not Etsy. Etsy puts Etsy first, and why shouldn't they? It's their business. So I'm going to work harder to put myself first in my own business

Amy Nicole said...

Sorry for the rant! :-)

Gemheaven said...

December has been quiet for me Em but the sales I have had have been pretty good so I mustn't complain really. I've done well this year in total so am happy.

Amy I didn't read it as a rant more of a fact ;0) xx

littlecherryhill said...

Yes Amy :) Bigger diamonds :) And unfortunately no, the bobbin didn't help my machine..I'm very frustrated with it. And it wasn't a rant, it was how things are ♥

Jo, you are fortunate, I had a decent November and then a rubbish December. It's hard to know what the future will bring with Etsy....

gallerydarrow said...

Your daughter is adorable!!

Sell off etsy too, I'm telling ya it's good, it will surprise you :)

Happy Holidays Em


littlecherryhill said...

I am thinking it's the way to go in 2012 Rochelle, You have a great holiday too! ♥