Thursday, July 21, 2011

Woohoo! It's Friday :)

It's an absolutely gorgeous day again today. I adore Winter time for days like this. If it were to stay like this forever I would be so content.

But if you know me, then you already know this and know it well haha.

It's almost 11am and I've finished all my housework, I have washing in the machine
and my daughter is making an awful racket out in the lounge room and it's driving me CRAZZZZY!!!!!!!!!


Below is what's on my bench today:

The ring at the back is my first custom order, it's almost finished.

I finally got my parcel of Turquiose cabochons. I am never going to get things posted with USPS Priority again if I can help it. It took almost 2 weeks more to get it and the tracking they do is DREADful. So I am going to get things sent with Express like I was going to initially. It costs more, obviously, but it's peace of mind and reassuring. I love the stones :) I got some Kingman, #8, Crow Spring and Pilot Mt. And I think I am going to get some more lol. You all know the disease that seeps in when you buy stones hahaaha.

Below is a pair of mismatched earrings that my mother generously gave to me. They are natural Emerald and Rubies set in sterling from India. I have already popped them out of their settings and am realising I will probably need to teach myself a pronged setting for them. They're gorgeous :)

And below is a little glass/wooden case that I purchased at a furniture shop last weekend, whilst browsing for a bed for Summer.
It needs dusting out and I am thinking of putting in some felt on the bottoms of each square.....if I ever get round to it!

I ordered myself some new packs of PMC3 yesterday, which I probably wont' get until Monday now, but I am looking forward to making some new embellishments with it for my jewellery. Hubby told me to get some as he thinks it's a nice touch to make the little decorations by hand as well :)

On a completely random note, my birdie is having a yawning attack out in his aviary and it looks so funny (that's if birds yawn?) lol he's still going....
We bought him and his little girlfriend a new cage this week and we put it together last night. I was afraid he wouldn't take to his new surroundings considering he's had the other one for his whole life with 10 years now. It's his bed cage. He comes in every single night and he sleeps in it till morning, when I put him back outside in his aviary...spoilt much? His girlfriend is a bright yellow budgie - he is an Indian Ringneck Lutino (bright yellow). Strange friendship I know, but it works so well. They're just like a little married couple :) Anyway, they were a bit bewildered in the new cage at first, but by the time morning came, they were loving it!

Okay, I think Summer and I are going to go and get some lunch as a treat and sit at our new fave spot at the duck pond to eat it as it's such a nice day in the Sun. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)



gallerydarrow said...

It sounds like you had a busy day and a lot to look forward too craft wise.

I think indian ringnecks are beautiful though I can't say I've ever known one. I had a lilac and a yellow front amazon that talked his head off.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your WIP's look awesome. Your day sounds fun...I wish I weather was such we could sit outside...I think we would melt...enjoy!

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Rochelle, I love Amazons too. I love all birds, spesh if they can talk!

Thank you Sandi, the weather is strange all the time here...but I am not looking forward to the Summer time as I fear it's going to be so hot I won't do or go anywhere lol! I hope it cools down for you soon :)