Monday, July 18, 2011

Beautiful Day.

It's a beautiful day, shame the same can't be said about my mood.
Summer is driving me crazy today. I've got my first custom order for an older lady in Brisbane and I just can't see me getting a chance to get it started till Summer goes to bed....but by then I'll be too tired. Woe is me. lol.

My sale is going okay. I hardly get to the bench anymore now though so I barely am able to add any new work to my shop. Everytime I see someones blog post/fb post about how much jewellery they have in the works I get kinda envious. I would give anything to have a regular day once a week just to work selfishly at the bench without any issues/interruptions.

Below is our latest antique we are going to restore to put under our new mirror in the dining area. We are having troubles deciding the finish we want on it though, we both have different ideas.

I have a busy busy week ahead of me, but on Saturday I am hoping to go and visit some markets, as a potential place for me to have a stall there. They're the biggest markets around, having approx 25000 visitors per weekend (it's near a big tourist area/beach). They apparently supply you a table and tent and the prices are pretty reasonable considering. So hopefully the weather holds out and I can give it a look see. Hubs and I have an idea of how I can display my works without anyone being able to pocket anything, so if all goes well, that will be our next project.

I am going to attempt to make my first ever batch of Cheese & Onion Scones soon. A recipe that my mother used to use when I was a kiddo, from my grandmothers recipe book that must be over 50 years old.
And I am going to attempt my first ever meat pie on Friday...yep you heard right...I've never made a meat pie before lol.

Well I am going to prob do another post on Thursday as I have some nice bits n pieces to blog about. So take care all till then :)


Amy Nicole said...

I love your new banner on the blog! I wish I had more time to work too. Will Summer go to school soon? It gets easier when they start school. It gives you a little break!

SilverLinesJewelry said...

I love the new banner too!!
and I fel in love with the antique :)

Belinda Saville said...

Awww Emma, I feel your pain! I have two little ones who keep me busy during the only time for creating is at night! It's not unusual that I'm still up at 2am LOL I often wonder how much I would get done if I had a day a week to myself :-)

The markets sounds very promising...keep us updated!

Love the antique...I'm sure it will take on a whole new life under your expert hands ;-)


Gemheaven said...

Oh Emma I was working like a mad things but thats it for at least 6 weeks ~ summer holidays are upon us here in the UK and although I would prefer to be at home, beach and park my hours in my other job become more like full time :( so now I feel your pain x

JudyB said...

Between potty training and just trying to occupy Olivia I hardly get any time to create as well. I'm trying to adjust to working after everyone is asleep!

littlecherryhill said...

Amy, Summer won't start school for a long while yet. I'm hoping by then to be cooking another bun in the oven lol.

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Jenny, I think the hubs n I have come to an agreement for how it's going to be finished. I will post pic's when done :)

B, you feel my pain by double lol! I'm a night owl, but I just can't get into metal mood late at night, though last night I did give it a shot and got a new piece in the works from it haha!

littlecherryhill said...

Hee Hee Jo, I have a ways to go before the whole 'school hols' thing, but it must be hard to adjust your schedule. I reckon even if I had the time to myself I wouldn't get half as much done as you do!

Judy - how is potty training going?? I wish you all the best with it!! I've sort of fallen into a hot cuppa and fave tv show late at night routine...and now it's winter, it's a bit cold out in the lonely creepy garage, that I can't be bothered, though I know full well it's probly the best time to make stuff :S