Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I hate renting.

Yesterday I was getting myself and Summer ready to go to the shops to buy some things for Winter, when there was a knock at the front door.

It was the Manager of the Real Estate we rent our home through. And he had an older couple with him. To cut a long story short, he was here to show them through the house and he made out that there had been a letter (notice of entry) sent out to us. But I haven't had any such letter. So I basically said they couldn't come through because I wasn't ready for any 'inspection'. So they are coming back on Thursday morning. Turns out, if I didn't get 1 weeks written notice, I didn't have to let anyone in at all this week. But I didn't know that either.

I figure that he never sent a letter out at all. (The couple were here from the UK and only were going to be down here for a few more days) And I think he was hoping I wasn't going to be home or that he could just push his way in here thinking I wouldn't say anything.

I originally thought he was bringing a couple through the house because he had put the house up for sale. When my husband called him to find out what was happening, the Manager said that it was the actual Owners of the property coming to do an inspection and apparently they do it every year!!!! Well in all the 9+ years my husband and I have been renting, we haven't ever heard of such a thing!!! I am furious to say the least. I think when the renter is still in the property it's rude and intimidating for them and the manager to come through and pick on everything!!!!!!! Besides only a couple of months ago (if that) we had our quarterly inspection with the real estate. So I am stressed out since that visit as I know that they are going to be super fussy and forget that this house was left in an absolute state when we moved in.

The lawn was not mowed and the manager at the time didn't send anyone out to do it till weeks later. The house was covered in fleas the day we moved in and it had to be sorted by pest control. The window panes were filthy, the security screens were filthy, the window tracks were caked in black gunk. The floors were filthy, there were cobwebs everywhere all over the house in every room. I could go on and on with what state this place was like...but I'm sure you get the picture.

I can just see tomorrow morning when they come, they are going to gang up on me and start questioning things and picking on things. And if they do...they'd better watch out. I'm ready for them...picture proof and all!


Boring post, I know...but I had to get it off my chest a bit more. Only cause I am so frustrated and wary of the visit ahead.

So aside from all that drama, below is a picture of our dining setting we are trying to sell....It's not gross. It's just boring and too big. On Saturday we picked up our new dining table (thanks Ebay) and on Sunday morning we got our new dining chairs (thanks Gumtree). The table and chairs need doing up and I want to paint the setting too. I still haven't painted my little deco cabinet. But I at least have decided on a colour now :) I can't wait to get this inspection done with so I can spend the Easter holidays making over the new furniture.Again, if you got this far..great!! :)
Thanks for stopping by! :)


Amy Nicole said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well tomorrow. You were smart to document the state of the house, and if the managing company was worth their salt, they would have it documented too. I bet you have the house in better shape than the last time they saw it....tell em to stuff it if they get all up in your bees.... ;)

littlecherryhill said...

It did go well Amy thanks! I always tend to get over anxious and blow everything up outta proportion....They said thankyou for taking good care of their home. So I'm assuming they are genuinely happy :)