Thursday, July 29, 2010

LaZy DaY.....

I am feeling really lazy right now.....I have done my housecleaning and I took Summer to the park for a swing and then we went to our new fave spot and spent an hour wading through the shallow water, picking up shells and spotting fish.

It's an absolutely beautiful day....the kind that makes you happy and very grateful to be alive and enjoying it.

Up above are some pictures of what I have been creating since my last post. I have dabbled in my first attempt at lip balm making and it turned out great.

I just received my latest order of silver I am just waiting on my latest horde of cabs to arrive...can't wait!

Well Summer has gone for a nap and I think it's time to have some lunch. I am still trying to sew something, but I am one of those kinda girls who starts one project and then starts another and then another....but never finishes one.....hopefully soon I will :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Frozen Fingers.

Well not exactly frozen fingers...but they are pretty cold today. In fact the last few days it has been rather cold....just when I thought we weren't going to have a decent Winter.

I have been neglecting the blog. I have been having lots of fun getting out of the house a lot since we moved here. I guess it's 'cause there are actually places to go and things to do, which our last home lacked.

This past week, I have discovered 2 extra nice little spots to take Summer to. One is a nice park near the sea, that has Pelicans and Crabs, the other is a sweet little beach and when the tide is out, you can go walking out onto the sand for ages and ages and you get to see heaps of little blue crabs. Some on their own, some in massive groups all running the same way.

I took the hubby there today, he hasn't seen it properly till now, but the sun didn't show :( so we didn't really see any crabs. But Summer had great fun digging sand and throwing it! And we just enjoyed walking through the puddles/streams in the sand with our shoes off.

So because I have been going out more, I have been spending less time at the bench. But here are 2 pieces I have made since the last blog post...

My first ever bracelet. Which turned out so nice :) And a very large Labradorite Flower ring, which also turned out nicely :)

I have been on another cabochon shopping spree and have about 20+ on their way to me. Half of them turquoise, the other half are dyed agate. I can't wait to get them! Though I am out of silver sheet at the moment, so can't make anything till I get new stuff in....hopefully this week...

This week....

I got a new phone and I turned 31.

I'm wearing 'what the shrek' OPI nail polish :P

I have been sewing and buying lots of patterns off Etsy sellers....but no finished product to share yet....

All in all it's been a pretty good week.

Tomorrow we go to Gold Class Cinemas to watch 'Inception' and we can't wait!!!

Till next time :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Hobbies Die Hard.....

I want to sew again. I don't have a whole lot of time to do jewellery, let alone sewing...but I am sure I will fit it in somewhere.

I have possibly thousands of dollars worth of material and a whole load of boutique patterns and I just bought more material last night.
I am only going to be making small things for now, I'd like to make a handbag or a market bag and the material I just purchased is to make Summer some nice twirl skirts.

Summer and I went to the park this morning and she had fun on the swings for ages and then we went for a little walk along the path by the seaside. It was super windy, but it was nice still.

Now we are going to go out and get our weekly lunch treat together....

Here are a couple of pictures of my latest work:

A nice lapis ring and a jasper pendant.

I finally have reopened my Etsy store. I am going to slowly work on new pieces to put in there and in another months time, I will have my old work back and I will be able to relist on Etsy.

We went on Sunday morning to see if those markets were on...but they weren't. Then the other night whilst out for fish and chips, I spotted a sign saying that the markets will be on this coming Sunday. So I am looking forward to that! There are some Arts n Crafts markets on about 15 minutes drive away from where we live, on Sunday morning too. So I am going to go there as well to scope it out. I really need to get selling some of my pieces so I can invest in more know how it goes.

Anywho...that's all there is to write about for now. Will probably do a post again, once I have been to those Markets on Sunday morning :)