Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Ideas.

I am feeling a bit better.

I haven't been out to my bench all week, but this afternoon I went out for a bit of playtime finally.

I think I would like to try and make a brooch.

I don't know whether to make the pinback in sterling or to buy some premade findings in nickle/stainless steel.

Though I haven't played at my bench, I have in fact pulled out my sewing machine! I have a baby shower to go to on the weekend for my husbands cousin, so I thought I would make something for her. I have made half of it so far, might post a picture here when I am done, as she doesn't read this blog so there is no fear of her seeing her gift.

I have been through sooooo many hobbies in the last 5 years it's mad!

I have done painting, beaded jewelry, sewing, card making, photography, stamp making... and there is probably something else that I can't remember. And now I am playing with metal :)

The hobbies that have stuck are the sewing and photography. I love Macro photography. And I love being able to make something for someone that they can't go and buy. I guess that's why I like jewelry making too, cuz I can make whatever the hell I want! lol

Well I just felt like posting here for something to do....haven't really got much else to report :)

Ta ta


Kim said...

Hey Emma! So glad you're feeling better. :) Definitely want to see what you've come up w/ for your cousin-in-law! Sewing completely eludes me. My mom tried teaching me once, but it was a disaster! Funny how much we have in common though, I've always been prone to taking on a ton of different things one right after the other, or all at once. I love taking photos too & I adore my macro lens, but I'm much better at bugs & flowers than jewelry! You're onto something w/ this metalwork, it's the kind of thing that should hold your interest for quite a while - so much to learn & play with!

littlecherryhill said...

Hey Kim! We could have so much fun if we lived closer to one another! I love doing macro with flowers and bugs and bits of nature too :) I am much better at that than jewelry! I should put a blog with a couple of my fave shots up. I really would like to do some again, but finding the time is hard nowadays. I think that Metal work will be a hobby that sticks around for a while, spesh if I can sell some of my work.