Monday, March 8, 2010


Again I don't have a title.

I am researching fire scale prevention products. I have decided not to go with Fire Scoff as all the reviews I have read on this product aren't positive. So I don't want to make things more expensive than they have to be.

So, the other products I have heard of are 'Prips' and 'Stop-Ox' and 'Cupronil'. I have found a recipe for homemade prips and I can buy prips from a jewelry supplies store here where I live, though I have no idea of the price yet.

I find it very frustrating being in a country that doesn't have 70% of the products people recommend. But that's what happens when you have a smaller country population, there is no supply & demand going on. So I guess I have to either make my own prips or see how much the jewelry supplies store sells it for. My guess will be that it will be very expensive! But I won't know till I ask.

I am having a tough time with fire scale now that I can bring my pieces up shinier. I thought I had removed it from one of my rings completely, until this morning I went out to the bench only to see it had returned and it looked kinda worse than before....dunno what is up with that. I am getting really irritated by it.

I need to just accept that it is part n parcel of working with sterling silver!

Now I know why many choose to oxidize their work .... :P


Kim said...

This fire scale thing sounds scary! Haha, I've heard of it before & I'm thinking it's some kind of discoloration of the metal? If you get stuck for a post some day [like pretty much every day for me], throw up a pic for those of us w/ much to learn. :) I'm in a tiny town, so I know about troubles finding things locally. I'm sure my shipping charges don't even approach yours when I have to order though - I imagine that's hard. Good luck w/ the homemade Prips experiment. Could be fun, but do be careful!

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

I use self pickling flux which helps reduce fire scale, and throw it into pickle ( a weak acid solution) to remove what oxidation is still left.

littlecherryhill said...

I found out last night that it's not actually fire's called fire stain. Fire scale comes away when pickled as the fine silver comes to the surface. Fire stain is what is underneath the fine silver and it's more difficult to remove if at all. That's what I am having the problem with. I'll put a picture up for you Kim so you can see what I mean. :)

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