Friday, January 8, 2010


Above are the latest pieces I have made. The spinner ring is my first and I made it for myself. I hope in the near future to either redesign it with some gold spinner rings or make another one altogether. I absolutely love wearing it's lots of fun to play with.

The pendant is Mookaite, it is a fairly large stone and I hope to be putting that into my mum's shop to sell soon. And the last ring is an Amazonite stone and is really large too. Not sure if I will be keeping this one or not...can't decide yet.

So it's the new year already and time is still whooshing by as fast as ever. I got my parcel of cabochons from Hong Kong yesterday and I can't wait to use them. I made sure to get all bright coloured stones this time as I have enough natural coloured ones.

This year I have many goals to reach. Some are the typical - lose weight - go on a holiday overseas - and so on. And some are getting lessons for silversmithing and working with gold and gemstones etc.

I am working on 3 pieces at the moment with some gorgeous stones. And I got myself a massive Amethyst yesterday, which is going to be sitting around for a while as I haven't the faintest how to set it!

So here's to the new year and all our goals!!!