Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oooh Having Fun.

I haven't been making much lately. But today was for once a not too bad day as far as the heat is concerned. So I took the opportunity to get out to the bench and just mess around and see what happens.

I have cleared the bench up and I have set up my laptop in there, so I can watch movies and chat on msn and have music's great! I got 2 orders this week of silver. One of some nice scalloped/serrated/gallery bezel wires and a few other bits n pieces and I am absolutely loving the new bezel wires. They make such a difference to the look of the stones.

The hubby loves the new bezel wires too...said it looks more finished and professional than plain bezel wire. Yes it does look prettier.....but it isn't always practical. I am thinking that I am going to have to place a bulk order with the USA store Monsterslayer. It's hard to get all the supplies I need here as they are always out of stock etc. Monsterslayer ship to Aussieland via Global Express for $35us and I think that's pretty reasonable. So I had better get saving for a big order.


fionachapman said...

Your jewellery is lovely. I hope the weather cools down for you soon. We are suffering at the moment with snow and my workspace is freezing.

littlecherryhill said...

Today was a terrible day for heat/humidity! I can't stand it! Wish you could send me that snow :)