Sunday, November 30, 2014

Almost The End Of Another Year.

And I have really let my blog slide. And my Etsy shop for that matter. Sure, I've the perfect reason (little Miss 1.5yr old) but I would have liked to have achieved a little bit more in 2014.

Before the year is out though, I am endeavouring to get one new technique under my belt. I have been gathering the materials needed over the past week and hubby has gifted me for our Wedding Anniversary (today!) - a new Drill Press, which was a part of the 'materials' needed wanted to make this technique go well. I hope.

I really really am excited to try this 'new to me' technique. The more I can do, the more I want to do and I'm hoping with the excitement of this new technique and using a new tool, it will bring me some much needed motivation to pursue all the ideas in my head.

It has been really hot here lately - more humidity than anything else. Summer only arrived here today and I'm not looking forward to another 3 months of heat. Though the past 3 days have been quite alright heat wise. My husband noticed this particular street whilst at work and we took a little drive out to see it as a family and I got a heap of pictures of it:

Yes, it looks this bright and vibrant in real life!
It's such a nice drive through this particular street as these Jacarandas all hang over the road and the green and coral red are spectacular together.

These trees are planted everywhere in this suburb, but this was the best street we could find.

They make an absolute mess when in flower, but who cares when they give the most fabulous shade and colour!

I'm currently working on a custom order, it's actually the 3rd time making this particular piece - using PMC. I finally got to my bench to make the pendant and fire it last night, as it was not too hot and I could use the torch.

Next year I am hoping to invest in a Little Smith torch set up with the oxy/acetylene set up. I want to do pinning and the only way I can see this happening, is if I add this torch to my workshop. Though I am kind of scared to have a 'proper' gas set up if I'm completely honest. Having bottles of gas around makes me a bit uncomfortable, especially with children in the house.

Can you believe I have been doing smithing now for 5 YEARS?!!! Yes! Damn that has gone fast! And I have been blogging here for that entire time too.

There is probably much more I could blog about, but I'm going to leave it here, hopefully I will be able to post again soon.

Take care
Em ♥


Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Those photos of those trees are just wonderful, such amazing colours...I had a second look just to let my eyes take it in :)

So glad you're pushing on with finding motivation - it can be so hard to get any at times, but a new tool is often a big help. And I know what you mean about gas cans - I use a tiny soldering torch as I've never felt happy using a larger one at home, and I try to always have a fire extinguisher on stand-by, just in case!

littlecherryhill said...

Hiya Mossy, I wish I had one of those trees outside my place, they're so beautiful. Yes a new tool/technique can be really good for motivation (for me) I find it gets my creative juices flowing again, which I really need right now.

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Those trees are stunning and just what I needed to see as it's so bloody grey here in the UK at the mo!
Looking forward to discovering the new technique you're learning :D

littlecherryhill said...

Tracy! I'm struggling to get this new technique to the finish line lol But in my next post I will reveal what it is. x