Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Blah is how I feel right now :(

The heat is still here and it just won't go away (to put it politely). It's kept me from my bench all week so far.... it is supposed to cool down by next week - one can only hope.

Just writing here to share my latest works, below is the biggest silver piece I have made to date, she challenged me, but I won. In the end. I think I am going to have to make myself something just like it - as my favourite kind of jewellery to wear is big chunky stuff.

Above is a ring with a nice chunky piece of turquoise. Recently I got myself a nice Snowflake Obsidian and a piece of Parrot Wing - sadly (as always seems to happen to me when buying on the internet - mostly on etsy!) the Parrot wing isn't half as nice in real life as it looked on the listing. It's not nearly as bright and colourful and I am getting really fed up with that happening. I bought a big piece of Sonoran Sunrise (on etsy) and it was $40+ and when I received it - well lets just say now I won't buy from that particular lapidary artist ever again.  They should know better.

This is why I wish we had good gem shows here, man I would even fly to one if there were any, just to be able to hand pick my own stones. That's just something I don't see ever happening :(

Well that was my whinge for the day - be happy you who have those nice gem shows to go to!

Em ♥


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

I love these pieces! The filigree detail on the pendant is lovely and the ring is the sort of thing I'd go for.
I haven't ventured into bigger stones (yet) as there are no shops in my town that sell them and I'd rather see them myself before buying. There is a gem and rock show twice a year in Brighton about 22 miles away so one day I may come home with some :D

ragandstone said...

This piece is lovely! Nice work!

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Hope your weather has cooled down now - you must have sent some warmth over this way because our UK weather has almost been spring like (ssshhhh... I won't say the 's' word too loud as I might frighten it away!)

Sorry to hear your troubles with online stone purchases - is the Parrot wing the stone on that ring? Personally I think it looks lovely but what do I know?! I too have had to rely on buying stones on the internet and it often feels like a gamble (some you win, some you lose).

I am really enjoying seeing your creations here on your blog and via your FB page.

All the best
Kristin :)

littlecherryhill said...

Tracy, most sellers on Etsy give a fairly accurate representation of their stones - don't be afraid to try and buy some from there.

Erin Thank You!

Kristin the weather has gotten better this past weekend - so I'm slowly able to get back to the bench! The parrot wing I haven't used yet, it's not unusable it's just not as vibrant as advertised. Yes it totally is a gamble, after all the stones I have bought, I am learning who I can purchase from confidently and those I can't.