Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Enameling Fun

So yes, my latest love has to be Enameling.
I am having so much fun! I love that I can blend (sort of) colours together, to give the illusion of texture and I love that I can pair enameled pieces with silver. Below are 3 pairs of earrings I have made so far (available in my Etsy store).

My biggest challenge has been how to attach an ear wire that compliments the earring. I don't really want to do plain french ear wires, I wanted to do something a little bit more fancy. The Aqua blue pair of earrings have an enameled center ear wire, so they add to the look and the function of the earring.

I have just finished an animal piece last night, now I just have to work out how I want to attach it and then it's good to go too. I just ordered 2 liquid enamels yesterday to try and I have gotten some Cloisonne wire with my rio order last week, as I would really like to attempt torch firing Cloisonne too :)

The only booboo's I have encountered thus far, is when I don't balance my piece on the trivet properly and just as I go to fire it, it falls off and in the process, dumps half of the powder too :( But fortunately it's a pretty easy fix :) I really need to seriously consider a hydraulic press in the near future as I would like to be able to cut ovals, squares and circles quickly and neatly (which pancake dies are great for I hear!). As for flowers and animals, well I will continue to hand saw those.

I have just washed a nice Prussian Blue transparent enamel last night, I want to give it a go with some fine silver cups tonight at some point. When I get some time and some very fine tipped paint brushes, I will also give that Cloisonne a go too. And eventually when I get back to some etching, I hope to give Basse-taille a go as well :) So many techniques, so little time!! But I love having something new to try.

Hope you are having as much fun as I am?!
Em ♥


Rag and Stone said...

These are absolutely wonderful! My fave is definitely the orange.

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

These are really pretty. I love the blue flowers and using the earwire as part of the design is a great idea!

My Creative Community said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Great work!! <3

littlecherryhill said...

Thank you Erin, they're my first pick too :)

littlecherryhill said...

Thank you Sabine!

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Tracy ♥

Maria Apostolou said...

Love these Emma! The colours and the designs are so playful!
I wish you all the best and a fun, creative 2014!!!

littlecherryhill said...

You too Maria!! I love colour and I find enamelling one of the best ways to explore them :)